Graphic Photos : “This How I Spent My Christmas In Pains


A South African Woman Yolo Pityana shared these photos of how her Husband tortured her this Xmas, stressing that it had been on for two years.

She wrote the Following

“Today I break the silence.
This is how i spend my christmas of 2016. In pain and hurt.

I have been beaten, and cheated on and abused for the past 2 years by my husband.

Women love does not hurt and only God will complete you.
I prayed,I forgave, i gave 2nd, 3rd and many chances for him to change. However the pain never stopped.

Ladies. Love like you never been hurt before, but most of all love yourself more, not to stay longer than the first time. Leave leave leave.

This has been the best example of my life on how God speaks and we decide to ignore that voice that says NO”…

Ladies listen to the inner voice.


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