Rivers Rerun: Security Agencies plotted to make Rivers State Ungovernable –Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that the violence  that marred the rerun elections in the state was orchestrated by security agencies with a motive to making the state ungovernable for politically  motivated reasons.
The governor also announced that the Police High Command  has arrested all his personal  police  details who accompanied  him to stop SARS Commander Akin Fakorede from rigging  Rivers East Senatorial District.  He said that all the said policemen  have been  detained in Abuja by the Police High Command. 
The governor  addressed members of the Rivers State Traditional Rulers Council who paid him a Goodwill  Christmas Visit  on Tuesday. 
He said  that the Police High Command  is insisting that the  policemen  shouldn’t have accompanied  him to stop Fakorede.  
Governor Wike explained that  he was compelled to take action  because  the previous day, policemen and soldiers were used by the APC at Ikwerre LGA to beat up PDP agents and force Collation Officers to concoct results. 
“The security  agencies orchestrated plans to cause violence with a view to making the state ungovernable for ulterior motives.
“As I speak  with you, all my personal  police details  who accompanied me to stop Fakorede  from successfully  rigging the Rivers East Senatorial District election have been arrested and detained  in Abuja “.
The governor  drew the attention  of Nigerians to the fact  that Rivers State  has been peaceful  since the conclusion of the rerun elections. 
He said: “Look at how peaceful  Rivers State has become after the elections.  Why was the election  violent? It is because they wanted particular candidates to win and they wanted to rig in favour  of  such candidates.
“I was called to  share seats. I said I will not participate  in such a fraud. I insisted  that the votes must count. Let everyone  go for elections “
The governor  berated INEC  for conniving with APC  to print fake result sheets ahead of the elections.  He noted that INEC and Police have swept the matter under the carpet.
He informed that many INEC  staff who were victims of violence by security agencies are under pressure  from the electoral commission  to deny the physical assault  on them .
In his remarks, Chairman of the Rivers State Traditional Rulers Council, King Dandeson Jaja, Amayanabo of Opobo warned against the militarization of the electoral process. 
He commended Governor Wike for always defending  the rights of the people of the state.
He lauded Governor Wike  for his developmental projects in the course of 2016, saying that  his efforts  have helped to improve  the  fortunes of the state.
Highpoint  of the goodwill  visit was the special prayer offered by all the traditional  rulers  for Governor Wike’s  protection and sustenance in office.


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