Chidi Okoroafor New Years Message


“I Welcome You to the year 2017,a Year of Multiple Testimonies ,this shall be a year Of  Divine Sanitation, a Year when the Lord Shall Raise unknown Faces,there shall be the Rise of Unknown Faces”

“Many Old Horses,Many Old vessels have disappointed the Lord,but this year 2017,the Lord shall Raise  Fresh Faces ,unknown Faces,men and women, unusual men and women he will use to accomplish his great Purpose”.

“In 2017 i assure you by the Word authority Of the God,it shall not see your end,but by his grace you shall see the end of 2017,the Lord shall take you out of Organisational Sallary and he will bless you and keep you under Divine Make Up,which means this year you shall achieve  and accomplish what is above your Organisational Salary,your normal salary”

“The Lord shall dismantle difficult situation in  your Life in 2017,you shall witness difficulties situation that may appear as if your end has come, but thus says the Lord, that difficulties situation shall not consume you,this year you shall see a surprise deliverance of the Lord”.

“Welcome to this year 2017,Great Things are ahead of you, great  Great Glories, Great unction, higher heights are ahead of you”

“The Greatest Mistake the Devil made was is  allowing you hit 2017

I see Potentials in 2017,i see great 2017

In this year 2017 the Lord shall accomplish, he shall Fulfill ,he shall complete that which he says concerning you”

“You shall not die but you will  live to declare the Glory of the Lord”

“In this Year,the lord shall lift you from the corner where you have been forgotten and he will raise you and place you on high”
The Lord Shall crown you in this Particular Year

Congratulations, God Bless You

Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor,General Superintendent Assemblies Of God Nigeria


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