Uche Ogah Vs Okezie Ikpeazu & Ors. By Ugochukwu Amaraizu


The Supreme Court case between Dr Uche Sampson Ogah and Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu is slated for ADOPTION of written submissions on Wednesday 11th day of January, 2017. This is the father of all other pending cases against Dr Okezie Ikpeazu as far as I am concerned. The highly expected judgment in the instant case will determine how other “frivolous” and distractive litigations against the collective mandate of Abians will go.

My silence all these while can never “translate” to my weakness. I have been reading all manners of articles from Ikpeazu’s critics. Many have displayed their ignorance over the Court of Appeal judgment that corrected Justice Abang’s glaring errors in his Federal High Court Ruling. What are they really expecting from the Court of last resort? Is it true that someone is expecting the Supreme Court of Nigeria to remove Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu- The Executive Governor of Abia State on the basis of a document or documents issued to him by an agency of the State government? Assuming there are inconsistencies in the tax papers, did they expect Ikpeazu to state in any document, Form or affidavit that the tax papers issued to him by the tax authorities in Abia State are false?

Doesn’t he have the right as a candidate to present the documents the way they were issued to him? Can any right thinking person reason that Justice will be done in the instant case when Ikpeazu is made to suffer for errors, if any, found in tax papers prepared by an agency of the government?
Many critics have argued that the Court of Appeal did not look into the merit of the matter.

 They vehemently argued or submitted that the case was decided on technicalities. It is quite unfortunate that many of them are just reporting what they were told. I think it is better they go and read that judgment ” line by line…” Without mincing words, the case between Ogah and Ikpeazu is like a case between the ELECTORAL ACT and the CONSTITUTION. Many of us will understand this submission next week. And there is no way a section of the Electoral Act will be construed to override a section of the Constitution. Undoubtedly, the Supreme Court will always interpret that “….this Constitution is supreme and its provisions are binding on all persons and authorities throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria…. AND that if any other law ( including the Electoral Act ) is inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution, this Constitution shall prevail…..” You can imagine someone thinking that section 31(5) of the Electoral Act will be construed to run at variance with section 177 of the Supreme law of the land! Somebody must be dreaming somewhere.
I think Ikpeazu’s critics should start warming up on how to delve into other areas of criticism. A responsible and goal oriented government welcomes good and constructive criticisms. It helps the government to sit up.

 This government has been troubled by fellow Abians. It is high time we allowed this government to enjoy full concentration. If the distraction continues, this government will have something to give as a reason for not being able to live up to the expectations of the people. Those, whose criticisms are products of malice and natural hatred, should desist from such attitudes. Let us strive to see how to make Abia great under the leadership of Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.
God bless Dr Okezie Victor Ikpeazu!
God bless Abia State!!


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