PHOTONEWS : Eleme Community Takes Protest to Indorama Company


All is not well in the oil rich Eleme as crisis deteriorate.

Right now the entire Youths, men and women of Eleme are on protest following the fact that the shares offered and allotted to the Host Communities for the consideration of the land contributed to INDORAMA has been privatized into few individual’s belle with the name “Elano”.
According to the protesters, Given their(Elano) original criminal intent, it is no surprise that most of Elano’s founding activities and promotion were done in secrecy, and most of what we know about Elano today, only came to light recently.
It should be noted that in order to realize their criminal objective of concerning the 7.5% shares for themselves, it was critical for Elano that they made concerted efforts (including through intimidation, bribery and threats of law suit) to sabotage, discredit and diminish any other reasonable effort the Host Communities made, individually and/or collectively to develop and present suitable vehicles for the acquisition of the offered and allotted shares.
The people are calling for fairness and Justice as they demand below:

* Our Petrochemicals Shares/Dividends in INDORAMA should be transferred from Elano Investment Ltd back to the Host Community.

* Our employment Quota in Petrochemicals, Fertilizer and other Plants (SBU) in INDORAMA Company should be given to us.

*MoU for Petrochemicals, Fertilizer and other Plants in INDORAMA Company must be written.

* Our Fertilizer shares must be given to us now.
* The killers of Aji Ngoya must be brought to book by the police and his corpse produce immediately.

It may also please you to know that the crisis in Eleme in recent times has claimed life’s and properties of many Youths in the community.

The people are calling on the Government and all relevant authorities to intervene and avert further crisis as all efforts by the Host Communities to dialogue over the lingering problems proved abortive.


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