Rivers Of Absurdities: PDP Lawmaker Nominated Minority Leader For APC And The Speaker Announced


By Achor Omodu

When you think that politics of deceit and chicanery is waning out of Rivers State for real governance to take place, another dimension aimed at shaving the people’s hair in their absence creeps in.

Today, what happened at the Rivers State House of Assembly was not only anti-democratic but a clear demonstration of subversion of the people’s will. Electing officers to occupy minority positions in any House that has both majority and minority members is to the best of my knowledge exclusively preserved for the parties involved.
Hon. Victoria Wobo Nyeche (APC), representing PHALGA I nominated Hon. Josiah Olu(APC), representing Eleme for Minority Leader. Her nomination was seconded by Hon. Friday Nkeeh(APC), representing Khana 2, only for Hon. Sam Ogeh of Emohua to nominate Hon. Benibo Anabraba(APC) and Hon. Anabraba was announced Minority Leader of Rivers State House of Assembly.
It’s quite unfortunate that we have found ourselves in this situation. Truth be told, Jacob should take off Esau’s hairy skin because his voice hasn’t changed and we can hear him loudly as Jacob, the supplanter.


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