Supreme Court approves Alex Otti’s request to join suit instituted by Uche Ogah


By John Okiyi Kalu

The Supreme Court Today granted the appeal of Alex Otti against the ruling of the Appeal court that refused to join him in the processes initiated by Uche Ogah against Governor Okezie  Ikpeazu .

Following the much criticized ruling of Justice Okon Abang in favor of Uche Ogah, Alex Otti filed processes at the Appeal Court against the ruling on the premise that if the Abang court actually made valid findings that there were defects to the PDP candidacy of Dr Okezie Ikpeazu the proper person to declare validly elected should be him (Otti) as Uche Ogah never contested any general election and therefore cannot be declared winner or validly elected by any sensible court or person.

The appeal court ruled that the matter before it was strictly a PDP affair and threw out Otti’s application to join the matter.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that Otti has a right to be joined in the matter. He will therefore be expected to file his briefs at the Supreme Court detailing why Uche Ogah should not benefit from what he never worked for or participated in.

The ruling today did not hurt or damage Governor Ikpeazu in any way. But it actually hurt Uche Ogah and his band of desperadoes as the Supreme Court has impliedly accepted that Ogah never contested any election and hence should not be running round courts.

Otti himself is not permitted to bring up the tax matter de novo as he has already litigated his election petition against the governor up to the Supreme Court and he is not a PDP primary contestant or member. He can only pray that in the unlikely event that Uche Ogah succeeds he will take the “victory” from him and laugh.


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