Forgery: Paul Emeka Planning To Run Away From Nigeria


Barely any last Minute Change of Plans,a Former General Superintendent of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka will flee Nigeria following the new twist to the Forgery case Instituted against him by the Inspector General Of Police Mr Ibrahim Idris.

The Inspector General Of Police recently filed a Four Count Criminal Charge of Forgery against Rev Paul Emeka before Justice Peter Afen of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja.

Paul Emeka it was learnt,has been Sleeping in Hotels in Enugu just to prevent the Police from serving him the Court papers as ordered by Justice Peter Afen.

Latest Information reaching PUO REPORTS has it that Rev Paul Emeka has concluded Plans to Flee Nigeria even as February 24,a date set by the Supreme Court to deliver Judgement on the lingering crises in Assemblies Of God Nigeria draws closer.

It is not yet clear the Country Rev Paul Emeka is planning to run to,but Feelers coming in says he may be going to the United State of America as part of claims that the University of America Invited him to come and Lecture as a Visiting Lecturer


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