Assemblies Of God Crises: How Yakubu Pam Lied,Deceived Pastors In Abuja

Yakubu Pam

More Details of what happened at Last weeks Stakeholders meeting summoned by Rev Paul Emeka,a Former General Superintendent of the Assemblies Of God Nigeria is still emerging.

Our Correspondent who was privy to what happened in Abuja venue of the Northern Zone meeting of Loyalists of Rev Paul Emeka reports that Rev Yakubu Pam,a former Jos District Superintendent and Chairman of Northern CAN lied that the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria led by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has rebuffed every peace move made by Paul Emeka and his rebellious faction.

But Unfortunately for Rev Yakubu Pam,his claim is false as the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria led by Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has made every peace move in reaching Rev Paul Emeka to accept the decision of the General Committee of the Church reached on March 6th 2014,which Disciplined him for suing the Church to Court.

It will be recalled that Bible Fellowship of Nigeria,Bishop Mike Okonkwo,Rev Dr Charles Osueke and other unbiased Christian bodies had severally pleaded with Rev Paul Emeka to accept the decision of the Church and serve the Suspension meted on him by the General Commitee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,all these efforts were rejected and rebuffed by Rev Paul Emeka.

Rev Paul Emeka will always reply” What will be the fate of my followers,if i Surrender”?

Yakubu Pam it was gathered also lied that the Church Leadership had asked its members to reject the Supreme Court Judgement if it goes against the Church.

It is worthy to note that Assemblies Of God Nigeria has always remained steadfast in God and maintained its confidence in the Judiciary as demonstrated in the Press Release on December 2016 by the Officers of the Church immediately after the hearing of the case by the Supreme Court.

“The Assemblies of God Church has her arms wide open for any peace move, but we are yet to see any such genuine move from Paul Emeka or anybody else, anytime he comes through the appropriate channel, we are ready to hear what he has to say”, they declared.

“The good Lord has been on our side ever since this matter commenced; the Church has grown tremendously from strength to strength and for this reason, we are firm in our believe that He will not allow His Church to be destroyed”, the Church leaders stated.

Despite having the Law on its side based on the 2015 Judgement of the Court of Appeal,Assemblies Of God Nigeria has remained law abiding,without resorting to violence or forcefully taking back possession of Churches Rev Paul Emeka took through Violence.


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