I had nothing against Jonathan but his policies – Tambuwal


Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, on Wednesday said he has nothing personal against former President Goodluck Jonathan, insisting that he was only opposed to some of his policies that were inimical to the progress of the country.

“It is normal to have opposing views on policies and programmes as it affects the general expectations of individuals and group. That was my realistic view on my stand against the former president’s leadership,” the governor told journalists.

Recalling his days as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Tambuwal explained that he disagreed with the former President on certain policies adopted by his administration.

“As the Speaker of the House of Representatives then, I was always raising the alarm on the way things were being managed in the country especially lack of prudence. But some people felt that I was against Jonathan.

“I never hated Jonathan as a person, but only disagreed with his policies. The recession we are currently facing was as a result of the way the economy was mismanaged by the Jonathan administration,” he added.

The governor said the only way out of this recession was for the Federal Government to inject more money into the economy especially in construction projects, stressing that” this is the only way to create jobs and boost the nation’s economy.”

He stated: “Ask any economist around the world about the panacea to recession, he or she will tell you that it is the injection of money into the economy. That is why we are asking the federal government to give us the Paris Club money to enable us inject huge funds into the economy.

“Former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, used this strategy of massive construction works to take America out of recession. So construction projects alone will create a lot of jobs and get Nigeria out of recession.

“I know that Nigerians are not happy and are running out of patience but they should be patient. It is very easy to destroy but to rebuild the economy takes time.”



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