Group tasks Igbos on unity


A group, United Umuigbo Assem­bly, has called on the people of the Igbo nation to be united in order to be able to match other ethnic groups politically and eco­nomically; stating that the current trend in the Igbo nation where every Igbo person thinks about him­self alone has not helped the people in any way.

Speaking yesterday in Awka, Anambra State capi­tal, during an emergency meeting of the group for the dissolution of the state Executive Council of the body and inauguration of the newly reconstituted EXCO, the President-Gen­eral of the organisation, Hon Evang Ralph Nwada­vid, said that Ndigbo can­not fare well in any way except the people shun self­ishness, back-biting, and situations where one would betray his brother in order to buy favour.
He called on the leader­ship of Ohaneze Ndigbo, as well as other groups that have interest in the emanci­pation of the Igbo people to bring the people together under one umbrella so that they will have headway po­litically and economically, instead of being slaves un­der other ethnic nationali­ties; “This is the only way Ndigbo can survive in this multi-ethnic country called Nigeria”, he said.
While inaugurating the reconstituted executive council for the state led by Sir Eric Ezeifedigbo as Chairman, the President-General said: “As the name implies, the new executive of the United Umuigbo Assembly in Anambra State is charged with the responsibility of moving the association to the next level.
Source: authorityngr 


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