Assemblies Of God Hails Supreme Court Verdict,Extends Olive Branch To Those Who Fought The Church


The Leadership Assemblies of God Church, Nigeria, has declared its readiness to welcome on board all the pastors who fought against the Church alongside the sacked Former General Superintendent, Rev. Paul Emeka.‎

Emeka’s claim to the seat finally came to an‎ end on Friday following a judgement of the Supreme Court, which resolved all the issues against him.‎‎

Speaking for the first time after the Supreme Court verdict, the General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor said the Church would have no problem forgiving all the pastors who fought against it.

Okoroafor, who spoke upon his return from South Africa where he attended the meeting of Assemblies of God Alliance, made up of General Superintendents of AG from about 50 nations in Africa, said only God owns the glory for the judgement.

“On my return, I heard the news that the apex court has given a judgement and that in that judgement,  the court upheld the Court of Appeal judgment, which had earlier ratified the decision of the General Committee of the Aseemblies of God Nigeria on 6/03/14.

“To God be the Glory, the God of our founding fathers who influenced the court’s decision.

“I want to appreciate our judiciary; this has given us more confidence in the judiciary, the objectiveness of the handling of this matter; to God be the glory.

“We also appreciate our gallant legal team, our members who have remained unwavering in their support for us.

“In the coming days, the leadership of the church will be meeting to look at the judgement and afterwards roll out the next plan.

“I speak on their behalf, its not about Victor or vanquished, it’s about the Church,  it’s about the church and not about who won. AG is a special Church with a unique mission.  Satan came to distract us from our focus and vision. The Lord has given knock to the distraction from the devil and we are moving forward.

“Because we are moving forward, even as we will soon meet, I still extend a generous olive branch to those who were sincerely deceived, we hope they will return,  the few pastors and members. We will have no problem forgiving them. There’s always room for repentance, and acceptance of forgiveness.

“From this judgement, its obvious now that the church is one. One leadership, one purpose, one mission under one God. We thank God for what He has done”, he stated.

On the next line of action, the GS noted that “This is the final court.We have informed the relevant bodies about the judgement; we are law abiding people,  we are following every necessary procedure for us to take over our secretariat that was a harbinger of thugs.

“As I speak, from information I’ve received, the police have taken over the secretariat. Other necessary steps will follow.  We’ve dished out information to our members that everybody should be law abiding, nobody should take laws into their hands.

“This is the Church and we supposed to show example. I won’t speak further, we shall come up with more details by the time the Executive Committee of the Church meets. We don’t run a one man show‎.”


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