How Paul Emeka gave Appointment Letters before Supreme Court Judgement

Rev Francise Njor

Rev Paul Emeka,a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria gave several appointment Letters to some of his Supporters before the Supreme Court Judgement which was against him on February 24th 2017.

Several Letters asking them to resume work as Directors and Presidents of Assemblies Of God Bible Schools were dispatched before Friday 24th February 2017,when the Supreme Court gave their ruling Dismissing Rev Emeka’s Appeal.

Rev Franice Njor was given an Appointment letter by Paul Emeka to resume work as the President of Assemblies Of God Divinity School Of Nigerian(AGDSN) Old Umuahia on the 24th Of February 2017,but the Judgement of the Supreme Court scattered the arrangement for him.

This same Francis Njor was a mole at AGDSN old Umuahia after the Suspension of Paul Emeka in 2014.
He was indicted by a Panel set up to Investigate him and subsequently removed.

Rev Paul Emeka is battling with his followers who were convinced that he would win the case at the Supreme Court only to be disappointed after the Supreme Court Judgement.


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