OPINION: “The Don Ubani’s Gaffe By Cosmos Ndukwe


“No adviser worth his salt, will advise or encourage the wife of his Principal to “stray” into a domain which hatred and hostility against the Principal are not in any way hidden”
Don Ubani PDP Publicity Secretary

It is very regrettable, utterly disappointing, shameful, thoughtless, embarrassing and politically suicidal for a man like Don Ubani who claims to be experienced in the game of politics to be credited with those unfortunate lines.
Don Ubani, arrogating to himself the monopoly of wisdom, had unwittingly declared ABIA NORTH an enemy territory, so much that the Governor Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D only deserves hatred and hostility from the zone. I do not know the bases for this unpopular logic. I don know the reason behind this shameless grandstanding. I can’t place my fingers around this senseless analogy. As lost as I am in thought, I can say with utmost certainty that Don Ubani is perfecting on the art of divisive and mindless geo sectional politics which he’s been orchestrating all the while for grossly selfish reasons.
Shortly after the 2015 elections, the most potent allegation peddled by favor seeking politicians like Don was that me, Cosmos Ndukwe campaigned and worked for APGA. While I handed over peddlers of such baseless propaganda, I made a silent prayer that God will cause people to rubbish their efforts in real life. While I made several kilometers in feet, almost emptied my account campaigning for PDP in Abia’s undoubtedly most politically aware zone, some miscreants, those who couldn’t deliver their wards accused me against my own party, a party that graciously permitted me to fly their flag. It was after being confronted by that wicked accusation that I realized that witches also go in the day time. Meanwhile, the people who initiated that allegation sat idly in drinking parlors, comfort of their rooms while we were soaked in the rain at the risk of our own lives. This will be a story for another day.
I will refuse to be dragged into the allegation of incompetence against the Aides of the Governor , regarding particularly the handling of the transfer saga. This is because, their efforts at educating us in my mind were useful. I trust the judgment of the Governor in appointing them kudos to likes of Onyebuchi Ememanka. Therefore, their views are more credible, believable and worthwhile than that of a busy body party man, the one who refuses to guide his utterances, the all – knowing Don who cannot mind his business of working for the party, the man who appointed himself a judge over the rest of us, the man who thinks he loves the governor more than anyone else.
Irrespective of what he says about being experienced in politics, Don Ubani’s claim that while Abia North voted for their “brother” Alex Otti, Ukwa Ngwa voted for their “brother” Ikpeazu shows how irredeemably inexperienced, uncouth and unreasonable one could be. This shows that he did not understand the circumstances of the time. This shows that he nurses an unjustifiable and unreasonable hatred against Abia North people, a zone that fought both the most violent political forces and the best of Abia bourgeoisie to stem the tide of defeat and inadvertently swing victory to the side of the PDP.
Don, you are wrong and misguided in your utterance. Abia North voted for PDP. Abia North worked tirelessly for PDP to avert what would have been an agonizing loss to the opposition. Even when the courts cancelled nine polling units in my elections, PDP still won in Bende North. Even when the courts discounted votes within the Deputy Governor’s electoral area, he still delivered his constituency to the PDP. Those who voted for Nnenna Ukeje, Uko Nkole and Nkeiru Onyejiocha probably came from Asa in Ukwa. And may be the votes recorded for Okezie Ikpeazu PhD in Abia North were manufactured by Don Ubani’s ancestors. Ditto, several other areas where the party members faced what could rightly be described as the fiercest electoral contest in the history of Abia politics.
But for the diligence, alertness, commitment, determination, courage and loyalty of PDP members in Abia North, the story would have been worse. If PDP members and supporters in Abia North had not risen to the occasion, what happened to the party in Don Ubani’s Aba would have been a child’s play. But for the unwavering and unapologetic belief Abia North exhibited in the 2015 elections, the likes of Don Ubani, those who do not invest unless the party provides; would not ever have the opportunity of being members of the ruling party post 2015. But for the undiluted show of love for equity by Abia North PDP, 2015 elections would have been an indelible nightmare for PDP in Abia State. But for good reason, good conscience and total support, PDP would not have breathed in Abia North.
May be I should remind Don that he should deal with his kinsmen who were the most antagonistic of the Ikpeazu candidature. He should be dealing with his “brothers” (whatever that means) who are PDP only in name but have provided the most bizarre opposition to our cause as a party in the State. If we were as bigoted and shameless as Don, then we would ask for the head of those from Ukwa Ngwa who fought men and the spirits to oppose the candidature and even the election of the governor.
I do not want to be cajoled into playing ethnic politics as that has never promoted the cause of any group otherwise Don should go subtract the votes of others and declare Okezie winner with Ukwa Ngwa votes. I am minded by fairness to remind Don Ubani that he should apologize to Abia North for labeling them a hostile zone. He should apologize to the for ever imagining that they could sponsor any one to attack either the Governor or his wife. He should apologize to them for suggesting that their efforts at taming the opposition bigwigs in Abia North are not appreciated.
Let me enjoin the youths in Abia North to sheath their sword in revenge of this assault on our collective intelligence. Politics has a way of throwing up entertainers, those who speak like they are a circus show, those who think that the only way to rise is by pulling others down.
Let me also enjoin my great party state officers that its high time they call this Ajasco juvenile to order.


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