Ramsey Ogagaoghene and how not to be Desperate


By Promise Uzoma Okoro

Ramsey Ogagaoghene posses a Character that discourages Destiny Helpers from extending their hand of Felllowship to those in Need.

Mr Ramsey Ogagaoghene was a Former Production Manager of Evangel Television,an Assemblies Of God Faith Based Television airing from Enugu Nigeria.
Ramsey Ogagaoghene owes Rev Femi Adegoke huge appreciation for being the Destiny Helper that helped to Introduce him to the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,even though Ramsey was a Pastor of the Church in Lagos,his popularity did not cross Badagry Expressway not until Rev Femi Came into his Life.

Ramsey was not the only qualified person for the Job,but God through Rev Femi brought him to the notice of the National Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.
Even before March 6th 2014 when Rev Paul Emeka a former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria was Suspended,Ramsey had already usurped his boss Rev Femi by blackmailing him before Paul Emeka.
A Man who was washing the cars of Rev Femi suddenly started asking what was his position on Evangel Television.

Ramsey started arrogating to himself powers that he ordinarily does not have by doing eye service before Paul Emeka just to Overthrow his Boss.
Before Ramsey came into Enugu,his look was like that of a man with a Deadly Disease,but all thanks to Rev Femi who God used to make him what he is Today.
As a Young man,i have never looked down on anybody God used to Announce,this Claim is verifiable from 2008 till Date when God started using people to link me up.
Of What profit is it to Ramsey after using SARS MEN to chase his Boss from Evangel Television in 2014 and by March 2017,his Boss Rev Femi Adegoke took full possession of the Same Evangel Television.

Ramsey did not follow Paul Emeka because he had pity for him,but the Monies Paul Emeka was releasing for him,which 3.4Million was used to buy his Blue Toyota Highlander.
The ugly Story of Ramsey is a great lesson to others,never play fast on anyone God used to get you into a Position.
Ramsey is struggling to see if Paul Emeka can foolishly release money for feeding for him,but unfortunately the takeover of the National Secretariat of Assemblies Of God Nigeria marked an end to Ramsey’s Deceit.


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