Ben Murray-Bruce flays advocates of Quota System


The Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency in the Senate, Ben Murray-Bruce, has challenged advocates of the Quota System to allow themselves to be treated by a doctor who gained admission into the university on that basis rather than on merit.

The Quota System was purposed at facilitating equal representation of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria‘s public service.

Critics note that the system determines who gets what employment in the federal civil service.

It determines who gets admission into any federal school from secondary to tertiary level.

For example, under the quota system, if a position has been reserved for a particular zone or state of the country, rather than take a capable hand from another state or zone to fill the position, the vacancy will either be left open or be filled with a mediocre from that very zone or state.

Murray-Bruce said he was sure that advocates of the much-criticised Quota System would opt for the doctor who qualified on merit, rather than one that was product of a spurious system that lacks merit.

Murray-Bruce argued that the Quota System killed the Nigeria Airways, NITEL, Nigerian Electricity Power Authority and others;asking, “Will we wait until quota system kills what is rest of Nigeria before we kill it?”

Here are the tweets:

Give those in support of quota system the choice of being operated by a quota system doctor and a merit one and see which one they choose!

Quota system killed Nigeria Airways, Nitel, NEPA and co. Will we wait until quota system kills what is rest of Nigeria before we kill it?



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