Important Information to Assemblies Of God Nigeria Members


Every Assemblies Of God Member should disregard the Wrong Information coming out from these two Criminals Ramsey Ogagaoghene and Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike.

The Inspector General Of Police has not given any signal to Commissioners of Police over Assemblies Of God Issue.

After Wednesday 29th March 2017 when the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria took over its National Headquarters in Enugu,if you notice,i have stopped posting anything about Paul Emeka because he doesn’t deserve my attention anymore,we have defeated him and thats Final

I am suprised that some of the Pastors who said they are Loyal to the General Council will pay more attention to what Paul Emeka Boys say on FACEBOOK than what the General Council Leadership Said.

It is very very funny that you are a Pastor under the Leadership of Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor and your major interest is what they have said on the Internet.

A Pastor from Edo District called Enugu Today and said that the news making round their District is that Police has sealed off our National Secretariat,funny enough we were at the Office today.

I have been getting FACEBOOK Messages by our Members saying that Paul Emeka boys are jubilating on Facebook that we were given ultimatum to pack out from the National Secretariat.

Incase you may not have been told,the General took every laid down legal and Police Steps to recover its National Secretariat last Month.

The Recovery of the Secretariat was approved by  one of the Supreme Court Justices who sat on that case,the Supreme Court ballif was sent from Abuja and he registered his Letter at the Enugu High Court Registry which was signed by the Registrar of the Enugu High Court,thereafter the Enugu High Court also sent their own Ballif who now accompanied the Supreme Court Ballif to hand over the National Secretariat back to the real owners.

Paul Emeka had occupied that Secretariat through a High Court Order,we defeated him at the Appeal Court yet,we excesied patience until the final determination by the Supreme Court.

While Paul Emeka boys are trying to console their followers on FACEBOOK,Paul Emeka had been meeting some promiment people beggen them to help him and beg Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Paul Emeka had gone to Enugu State Governor For Help,Enugu Couldnt help him

Paul Emeka went to Arthur Eze For Help,Arthur tried but couldnt help him

Paul Emeka ran to Deputy Senate President,Deputy Senate said his hands are tight,he cant help

Paul Emeka ran to the President and Founder of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission Bishop Mike Okonkwo for Help,Mike Okonkwo tried,but yet cannot help him

Paul Emeka tried to Blackmail the Nigerian Police and the Nigerian Army,yet these two agencies disappointed him

The land where the National Headquarters of Assemblies Of God Nigeria was built on was bought during the Administration of Retired General Superintendent Rev Dr Charles Osueke and other Leaders of Assemblies Of God Nigeria of blessed memories,Paul Emeka was not born when Assemblies Of God Nigeria Started.

That thing Paul Emeka knew in 2014,we have known them all.

Nobody can use the word Reconciliation when the Highest Court of the Land had made a pronouncement.

Paul Emeka go and pay your Lawyers,they deceived you because you have not paid their Legal Fees.


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