Orji Uzor Kalu visits Assemblies of God ,Says APC is not an Islamic Party


In continuation of his tour of churches ostensibly  to disabuse the mind of the people of the South East that All Progressives Congress (APC) is an Islamic party, former governor of Abia State Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, on Tuesday, visited the National headquarters of the Assemblies of God Nigeria reassuring members that the party was for all.

Kalu, who was received by the General Superintendent of the church, Dr. Chidi Okorafor, in Enugu, noted that since he joined the APC, he has been visiting bishops and other church leaders explaining to them why he joined the party.

He lamented that the Igbo “have been deceived that APC is an Islamic party.”

Kalu argued that one man does not own a party, saying “it belongs to everybody. I am sure that some of your church members are members of this party. I want to say that APC does not belong to President Buhari. The chairman of the party is Chief John Oyegun, a Knight of the Catholic Church. So, I have continued to explain to church leaders that APC is one big family.

“That we are not what people think. We are a political party that will continue to strive to make Nigeria a better country. Rome was not built in a day, the economy is very difficult today, people are suffering, Nigerians are seeing the worst economic situation, but I know it will soon be over.

“President Buhari has been able to address some issues while some are still pending; I know there is hunger in the land and we are advising him to address the issue of the economy because it is very important.

“He met a battered economy and is struggling to see what he can do to address that issue. The economy when he met it was affected by the fall in oil price and massive looting by people who were supposed to protect the economy.”

The former Abia governor requested the church to continue to pray for President Buhari for good health and the wisdom to move the nation forward.

General Superintendent Assemblies of God Nigeria, Rev. Chidi Okorafor, in his response, noted that the church with a population of over 67 million worldwide, has become a force to be reckoned with in the country and beyond.

He identified the church as part and parcel of Nigeria, with the responsibility to pray for the government not minding the party in power.

Acceding to the clergy, “It is God that gives power, so if any person finds himself in office it is just because God has allowed it. I am glad that you mentioned God severally as you spoke, I pray that all our leaders in the entire nation will give reverence to God.

“As part of the society we always tell members to play their roles, during voters registration, during elections and other civic obligations.

“Assemblies of God Nigeria cannot be partisan, but we have members who belong to political parties; who are actively involved in politics. And our prayer go for them and the entire nation.

“We have been praying for Mr. President and the church will continue to pray for him and the leadership of the country for a better Nigeria, and for a better tomorrow. We believe that God will continue to sustain him.

“Thank you for recognizing the leadership of the church and coming to visit us today, we don’t take it for granted.”



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