As my daily activities kick start yesterday, I noticed an unusual event!

Got to Rumuokoro junction, while waiting for cab to convey me to my destination, I saw a Luxurious Bus making U-turn at the roundabout with an inscription “RIVERS@50, FREE BUS”, at first I thought it was a joke (cause we always receive numerous advertorial jokes from our government) and maybe its really a free bus just for special event of the commemoration, for any interested citizens who which to partake, but little do I know that it was a “Free Bus” enrouting Rumuokoro – Mile 3 – Lagos Bus stop (Town).

At first, it took about 2 minutes before the bus conductor could convince the first passenger to enter, despite the much crowd waiting for vehicle to convey them; I assume their guess is just as mine. Though the willingness of passengers to join the Bus is really poor, cause is been quite a long time we enjoy such services; Recalling the reign of Sir Dr. Peter Odili, where as a youngster, I fair to and fro school free of charge either by road transport or rail, such memories still lies in me.

Though continuity is really a hard phenomenon, Past government did its best to maintain the standard, and made it wider to the populis, but lack of maintenance culture on our individual selves resulted to SKYE-BANK PLC managing the transport system in the state, a commendable one and Kudos to such initiative. But as a profit making organization (SKYE-BANK PLC), we were offered with subsidies transportation system, covering the two major roads (IKWERRE ROAD & ABA ROAD) in the state, as citizens of the state enjoyed it at its best, giving light to Private firms like MCC, to support the Government of the days’ idea on transportation.

All of a sudden these Buses are no where to be found on our roads in Rivers State, instead it’s been seen packed at there various parks, dump on the road side waiting repairs, others sold as scarabs and the few workable ones used to sow seed to Churches…. TOO BAD!!!  For government who are for the People, Apart from the Civil Servant Welfare Bus(es) that’s manageable active, no other government welfare service on transportation is active on its citizenry in the state. Where little / manageable subsidies transport could be found in the state, is only Aba road (enroute Mile 1 Part – Eleme Junction – Oyibo) specifically operated  by personal / private individuals, neglecting IKWERRE ROAD AXIS/ROUTE.

As the celebration (RIVERS@50) is on / rapping-up, the idea of bringing back the welfare/subsidies transport system all over the state will not be bad one for our government, it will be highly appreciated and welcome by the citizens of the state. I urge the State government to look toward this direction, as it will promote better standard of living and bring goodwill to the people.

Thanks to the Sub-Committee on Welfare and Transportation of RIVERS@50.

God Bless Rivers State.



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