Paul Emeka “No Longer” A Member Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria


Rev Paul Emeka is no longer a Member of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,the Executive Commitee and Incorporated Trustees of the Church has asked Members of the Public to Desist from any Dealings with him.

The Warnings of the Church is coming after attempts by Rev Paul Emeka to misled and Blackmail the Governor and Government of Enugu State that the February 24th 2017 Judgement of the Supreme Court did not sack him from Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

PUO REPORTS learnt that Rev Paul Emeka and his Lawyers had concocted some Fake Documents to do the Impossible of Invading Evangel House National Headqauters Of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in Enugu.

But the Enugu State Police Command has warned Rev Paul Emeka to stop further steps at undermining the Peace and Tranquility in Enugu State henceforth.

Assemblies Of God Nigeria advised Security Agencies,Banks,CAN ,PFN,Government to stop any Dealing with Rev Paul Emeka.

A Copy of the warning of the Church was also copied to the Inspector General Of Police


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