Today, Wednesday, June 7, 2017,
Governor Okezie Ikpeazu will come home as the ongoing local government tour reaches its crescendo today with final visits to Aba North, Aba South and Obingwa LGAs.

The residents of Aba will, in line with their tradition, roll out the drums in celebration of a Governor that has given their town the highest level attention since after Mbakwe left office in 1983.
Under Ikpeazu, Aba has come alive. It is here that the Caterpillar Revolution of this government finds its highest expression. In the last two years, Ikpeazu has turned the Enyimba City into a mega construction site with sprawling road projects scattered across the town.
With over 15 roads completed and commissioned with several more on going, Ikpeazu has left no one in doubt of the fact that Aba is the headquarters of his Caterpillar Revolution.
This is understandable. Aba is home to all Abians and all Igbos. There is no family in Abia that doesn’t have someone living and doing business in Aba. None!
Aba is the pivot upon which the economy of the state revolves and once Aba is fixed, it will have a clear effect on the entire state.
From the Osisioma Flyover to project to Faulks Road, from the IFE OBARA flood control to the PH road project, from Owerri Road off Okigwe Road to Ukaegbu Road in Ogbor Hill, from Umuola Road Ogbor Hill to Kamalu Street off Aba Owerri Road, from Umule to Weeks Road, from Chima Nwafor road to the new MCC SAMEK Road, from Ochefu to the Ngwa Road/Ndiegoro Area, and with Omuma and Osusu set to take off, it’s been an explosion of road projects on a scale unprecedented in the history of the town. The truth is that I have personally lost count of the number of roads Ikpeazu has done and is doing in Aba.
Beyond road construction, Ikpeazu has taken Aba to the zenith of national discourse and has through a deliberate policy of marketing, made Aba the symbol of Nigeria’s quest for economic self discovery.
Today, the Aba shoemaker and tailor, hitherto seen as mere people have been catapulted to national and international prominence.
For the first time in the history of the town, advertisements that showcase the manufacturing power of Aba now run on major international and local broadcast stations, courtesy of the FORD FOUNDATION which paid all the bills. The state government didn’t spend a kobo on this project. The Aba shoemaker now appears and speaks on CNN!
This is the power of a focused leadership.
In the area of environmental sanitation, Aba has been reborn. The days of heavy heaps of refuse that litter major roads in the town are gone.
Life is coming back to Aba. This is a fact!
Ikpeazu will step into Aba today with a deep sense of pride because he has done what he said he will do and is still doing more.
Aba, Enyimba!!!
Elee way?
Ara agbakwala unu there o!
Okwa ila anu olum?
Kuonu kpum there!


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