Feel at home, ACF youth president tells Igbo

As condemnations trail call by some Arewa Youths for Igbo to vacate the north, the President of Arewa Consultative Forum (Youth Congress), Isaac Balami has denied knowledge of the declaration by the Coalition of Arewa Youth threatening the southeasterners in the north. 

“I want to officially clear the air and state categorically that I was not aware of the declaration until my attention was called to it through the media,” Balami declared in a statement on Thursday.
He condemned the call by the group, saying, “I am not in any way in support of the declaration as it contradicts my personal national philosophy of one Nigeria.”
Balami who reiterated that Arewa elders led by Alhaji Ibrahim Coomasie, Chairman of ACF and former Inspector General of Police believed in one united Nigeria said Igbo have equal rights to leave in any part of the country.
The Arewa Youth leader noted that “the Current administration means well for all Nigerians and are working and doing the best to ensure that Nigeria is one big indivisible and Prosperous Nation under God.”
He appealed to Ibos in the north to feel at home anywhere in Nigeria, noting that Igbo have lived and done business with the North for several decades.
“I believe this relative peaceful co-existence can continue with the blessing of God…I personally appreciate the Maturity with which Nigerian Youths from the east, North and other parts of the country especially have handled the process so far. 
I appeal to the Peace loving youths of Nigeria to approach issues that relates to National Unity with caution no matter their grievances and agitations.”
Source:daily trust 


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