How I Narrowly Escped Death Along Enugu-Awgu Road -PUO Speaks


Yesterday would have marked the end of Popular Online Journalist Mr Promise Uzoma Okoro,a Journalist at PUO REPORTS whe his Toyota Corolla Car summersaulted three times while returning back from Enugu along Enugu-Awgu Road Enugu State.

Promise Uzoma Okoro who just finished his Trditional Marriage on the 13th of May 2017 said he was on his way to Umuahia when the Fatal Accident Happened.

Narrating his encouner,the Blogger Popularly Known as PUO Said his escape from Death was the Handwork and Intervention of God Almighty.

“I was on my way to Umuahia from Enugu Yesterday,after the Army and Police Checkpoints immediately after University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital,there was this Truck belonging to Dangote PLC that was in my Front and i had been trying to Overtake the Vehicle after series of horning,to no avail”

“Just when i though the Truck had shifted by the Righthand Side for me to Overtake,i never Knew that there was a Trip of Sound offloaded at the Centre of the Road,which i Suspected made the Driver of the Truck to shift for me”

“Immediately i moved the Trator to Overtake,i saw a heap of Sand on the Road and at that time i was already at the middle of the Truck Lorry,so hitting the Brekpad will definately land me to jam the Truck,at that Juncture what came to my Mind was”God take over my Life and my Soul”

“Immediately my Car hit the Sand and Somersaulted three times,as the Car was Somersaulting,i was equally Summersaulting with the car Until it landed with the Roof while the Tires were up”

“Luckily i always drive with my Seatbelt Fasten each time am going on  a distance of more than 10Kilometers”

Speaking further the Online Journlalist said people Concluded he was Dead not knowing that God gave him another Chance to Live

“I Removed the Seatbelt and Came out unhurt,Sustaining a minor Injury on my Left Hand,People were already crying thinking I died on the spot”

It was gathered that after series of Scan and Medical Checkup by a Doctor of an Undisclosed Private Hospital in Enugu,the Blogger was Certified Healthy and Strong without any Internal Injury


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