Wike’s Inlaw Thwarts Appointment of Rivers CTC Member


Mr Marshall Obuzor,Inlaw to the Rivers State Governor Barr Nyesom Wike who is also one of his Senior Special Assistant on New Media has successfully thwarted the appointment of a Social Media activist Miss Awala Uwuma as a Caretaker Commitee member for Ahoada East Local Government Area

After the Dissolution of the Former Caretaker Committee members by Governor Nyesom Wike few weeks ago,the name of Miss Awala Uwuma was Nominated and forwarded to the Rivers State House of Assembly for Screening,but immediately her appointment was made Public following Congratulatory messages from close Friends,Mr Marshall Obuzor,Nyesom Wike’s Inlaw rolled out a Opposing Updates on why Awala cannot be Trusted with any Appointment.

Mr Marshall immediately started a hate campaign to stop the appointment of Miss Awala Uwuma,whose penchant is to Insult members of the All Progressive Congress opposing her Views

Marshall Accused the lady of making efforts to undermine the Leadership of Governor Nyesom Wike

“You were appointed media aide to a CTC Chairman and you enjoyed it. Once you left that position, you in a very shameless manner used every oppurtunity you had to spite, despise, scorn and abuse people that got similar appointments”

“I was the first to have this discussion with you when you started over six months ago.
Since then Government House staff, Assembly Members, Senior Special Assistants, Special Advisers, Board Members, former CTC Chairmen, friends and different party men have at different times directly and through emissaries tried to beg you and ask what the issue was and you said nothing.
The party showed unparalleled care and concern yet you continued to make spirited effort to destroy.” Marshall accused the Ahoada East Born Social Media activist.

PUO REPORTS Gathered Miss Awala Uwuma apologized on her Facebook wall to anybody she might have offended

“Prior to the 2015 general election, i have campaigned and supported NEW. I and my family took risks by going to ahoada frequently to campaign and vote. We all know how the orashi region is. The subsequent rerun elections, i was still very much involved. No one can deny that fact. I registered as a voter in my ward in ahoada east ward 13. All these i did because of NEW and the deputy who is a family friend. 
After all the elections, i have still remained in the party. I was made SA on media to the former ctc chairman hon Britain Ewor, i served my 3 months with him successfully. I always promoted H E. NEW. I decided by myself to pull out of social media and go back to the grassroot because i did not want to be streamlined to media only. Yes, i may have gone out of line with criticism and this is the reason people are offended. I understand them but they should remember i worked very hard for this too. I know a lot wont even agree to visit my village especially when the dreaded late igbudu was alive. 
I will like to apologise to all those that feel short changed by this. 
I never left the pdp, i only decided to lean back and watch. 

‘People dont decamp online, you decamp from your ward. This is why grassroot is important.
Marshal Obuzor is family, and i totally understand his side of the story. Even if he took it too far. We all make mistakes and I made mine’.
Therefore i am calling on everyone to cease fire and know that there is peace and we will work together to promote NEW.
‘To all pdp members who got offended by my posts, i apologise. Thanks for all your support’.

Finally on the 22nd of June 2017 set aside by the Rivers State House of Assembly for Screening of the Nominated Caretaker Commitee Chairmen and Member,the name of Awala Uwuma had been removed and replaced,a development that is currently causing confusion in the cyberspace.


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