See Why Nnamdi Kanu Can’t Be Bribed Over Biafra Agitation

There are few activists and forces that have been as effective as Nnamdi Kanu in the recent history of Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu of Indigenous People of Biafra and Radio Biafra uses inflammatory language for his agitation; he is an organizer and uses language that will get the attention of his Igbo people.

His goal is Biafra; I say this to say Nigeria has had so-called activists come on board, make so much noise, then they are called into a smoke-filled room, offered a position in government or bribe, in order to stop their agitation, and we do not hear from them anymore.
I don’t think Nnamdi Kanu can be bribed because he has been faithful to his cause of Biafra before President Muhammadu Buhari became President; he spent a long time in prison and probably numerous negotiations involving terms of his release were offered to him but he was granted bail not because he accepted bribe or an appointment in government.


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