Flood wreaks havoc in Aba

Aba residents are expe­riencing hard times with the rains fully here even as major parts of the commercial city is expe­riencing a high magnitude of flooding.

Most parts of the city including the Ariaria axis, parts of Aba-Owerri road at Umungasi as well as the Azikiwe Road axis of Aba get flooded whenever there is a downpour, whether heavy or light.
Parts of Ukwu Mango and Umuode Street within the Ariaria International market axis are heavily flooded such that residents, as well as shop owners, are always set on edge whenever it begins to rain as the flood water flows into buildings destroying both household properties and goods worth thousands of naira.
Some residents who spoke to The Authority in Aba in­cluding Obialor Ejimofor, Chinenye Dim, Prince Dike O. Dike decried the condi­tions of uncertainty residents of the commercial city face during the rainy season at the commercial city over the years even as they posited that there is an urgent need to turn around the fortunes of the Enyimba city by con­structing drainages as well as opening up blocked ones so as to ease the flow of rain­water that flood the city at the slightest rainfall.
According to Prince Dike, the roads get flooded during the heavy rain and so many things are damaged while the helpless residents watch with­out any feasible assistance coming to them.
His words, “Most places in Aba get flooded when it rains and this problem has existed with us for a long time now. Each time the sky gets cloud­ed we are always afraid of the harm the people will face due to flooding in several parts of this city”.
Chinenye Dim in her con­tribution insisted that the cause of the age long flood­ing whenever it rains in the commercial city is the lack of good drainage system and roads in the commercial city.
Obialor Ejimofor who also decried the effect of flood wa­ter on residents regretted that work on clearing blocked drainages in the city has been very slow while the construc­tion of new ones along Aba-Owerri road has dragged on for close to two years. He had called on the state gov­ernment to step up action in making the city flood free.


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