Abia Poly ex-Ag Rector denies allegations

Former acting rector of Abia State Polytechnic, Prof Martin Ifeanacho, has  threatened to  go to court over a report which described his administration as incompetent and fraudulent.

Speaking in Umuahia, Ifeanacho, who has been on suspension since February 3, denied wrong doing, saying it was wrong for anyone to accuse his administration of incompetence when the measures he introduced were being implemented by his successor.
Ifeanacho said he was appointed acting rector on June 1, last year. He said on assuming duties, he was confronted with challenges, such as unpaid salary arrears, check off dues and cooperative money.
He said he was surprised to read in The Nation that his administration was fraudulent. “That is a deliberate attempt to run down my good works for purposes which are not clear to me as we are trying to educate our children,” Ifeanacho lamented.
He continued: “The report created the impression that my administration before the appointment of the current acting rector achieved little or nothing; but I make bold to say that what we set up is what the current administration is building on now.
“The fake school fees receipt was discovered by me. We found out business centres across the road where school receipts were cloned when we implemented the e-payment which had been there for years.
“We also found out that many students do not pay their school fees except when an examination was close by during which period they would clone the school receipts to confuse school authorities, but we stopped it.
“When I assumed duties, I found out that the main problem of the institution was mainly the non-payment of arrears of salaries and the unions’dues; because of that they (workers) kept giving notices of strike.
“We found out that the school was over staffed and we had taken measures to prune down staff strength by sending certificates to WAEC to know the authenticity of such certificates.
“Our efforts were thwarted because the (governing) council meetings where the decisions that would have turned around the school were never held before my suspension was announced.”
the nation 


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