I Am Not A Billionaire, Says Kidnap Kingpin Evans

Most notorious kidnap kingpin, Evans, recently nabbed by Nigerian police has cautioned the media against tagging him as a Billionaire kidnapper.

He explained that most of the monies he collected as ransom from his victims were shared among his gang members while he invested his shares in real estates.
In an interview with Tribune Newspapers, Evans said it would be foolishness to carry monies collected from his victims to the bank.

He said: “I am not a billionaire.”
“I don’t have money in my bank accounts.
I may have like N20,000 in some, but the kind of money you are expecting to hear are not in the accounts.
I have [domiciliary account] but I don’t have money in it. It is only somebody who is a fool that would take such huge amount I collect to the bank.
“I don’t have any property in FESTAC. I only have the two Magodo properties in Lagos, and then another two in Accra.
“These are just the properties I have. However, some people have been saying I have houses all over the world. Some said I have house in South Africa, but I don’t.
“It was not only me who took all the money. I had people working for me and I gave them their shares.
“Instead of keeping the money in bank or somewhere else, I used it to buy houses. I have told the police how much I bought the houses.
“I have told them how much I spent in building the one in Ghana.”


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