Amaechi: Be courageous and show Nigerians the Karibi White Hospital


By: Simeon Nwakaudu

The immediate past Governor of Rivers State, Mr Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is living in an illusory world if he thinks that high level propaganda will stop the Rivers State Government  under the leadership  of Governor Wike from ensuring that he accounts for his locust years in government.

The issue of the unconscionable looting of the treasury of the Rivers State Government by the immediate past Governor of Rivers State    has gone beyond the issuance of press statements. This  is the time for the  former governor  to account.

It is easy to sit in an office, concoct insults against the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, contact media consultants  and publish same prominently across different platforms. However, it is extremely difficult for Amaechi  to address the fundamental issues of fraud levelled against him.

The level of fraud that the former Rivers State Governor masterminded  is mind-boggling. He raped the coffers of the state, hijacked the media accountability  process through sponsorship  of endless propaganda  and left Rivers State desolate.

Under Amaechi,  several fraudulent acts were committed and in most instances aimed at siphoning  funds for the sponsorship  of the APC at all levels. On several occasions, different APC governors and defeated governorship candidates publicly acknowledged  that Amaechi  funded their campaigns. The most recent was at his 52nd Birthday.

Amaechi’s administration  established a Reserve Fund in 2008 during the era of Excess Crude. This was the period when the state got between N25billion  and N30billion monthly. That fund established  through a law of the Rivers State House of Assembly made  it compulsory  for the State Governmemt  to save N1billion  monthly  from the then regular  oil windfall.  Between 2008 and 2014, over N76billion was deposited  in the account.

After these funds were saved, the Amaechi administration stripped the state of the benefits of these savings. Rather than  allow the next  administration  use these funds for take off, Amaechi , conniving with members of  his faction of the Rivers State House of Assembly, sat in Government House Port Harcourt, amended the law establishing the Rivers Reserve Fund and siphoned  the monies.

These two  reports in 2014 tell the story better: “ and “. These funds were  withdrawn at the height  of the funding of APC activities. It is a known fact  that Rivers funds provided by Amaechi  played key roles in the setting up of APC.

One incontrovertible case of corruption  against Amaechi  is the Karibi Whyte Hospital.  In a high profile flag off of the construction  of that hospital, Amaechi announced  that he paid Clinotech Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals of Canada $39million (N13.6billion) for the project.

Amaechi’s words at the flag off: “We have paid our own  money, I hope Clinotech has paid its own  money . Because we have paid our own money into that account.  Our money is $39million. “

Towards the end of his ill-fated administration, Amaechi  in a televised interview further admitted making payments  for work not done. He told the interviewer: “That is where we have a problem. I stopped the hospital when I found out that the man who came  is a fraudster. I spent N3billion and all we had was a foundation . Don’t  forget I am human, I learn on the Job.”

Watch Amaechi admit on video that he paid $39million for the non-existent Justice Karibi Whyte Mega Specialist Hospital: ””

The non-existent  Justice Karibi Whyte Mega Specialist Hospital was one of the main points wherein Amaechi was indicted by the Justice Omereji Commission of Inquiry.

On this point all parties agree. This is  not an issue that is open to needless debates.

This is Governor Wike’s take on the matter:

“Is it not true that we paid $39million for Karibi Whyte Hospital? Is it not true that there is no Karibi Whyte Hospital? Does anyone need to forge a document to say we paid $39million, while you as a governor came out tp say I have paid $39million.

Where is the hospital? Does somebody need to forge a document even when you have agreed that you paid $39million.  Show us the hospital?”

Rather than sponsor media campaigns, Amaechi should muster the  courage and take Nigerians to the location of the hospital.  Or is Amaechi  and his sponsored friends saying that the Rivers State Government should let $39million  (N13.6Billion) go down the drain without bringing the culprits to book?

In several interviews, Amaechi agreed that he sold the state gas turbines. The Rivers APC has admitted same. The $309million (N108.1billion)  that accrued; developed wings. At the time Amaechi left office, only $204,000 (Two Hundred and Four Thousand Dollars) was left in the State Government’s Account.  Is Amaechi  saying that the Rivers State Government should allow him escape with a whopping N108billion gotten from the sale of Rivers assets, simply because he has the backing of the powers that be?

The Rivers State Commission of Inquiry into the sale of Valued State Assets and other related matters headed by   Justice George Omereji received 442 exhibits,  27 memoranda while 25 witnesses testified before it.

The Judicial Commission of Inquiry indicted  the former governor and confirmed  that N53billion was diverted by Amaechi and his officials.

The time has come  for Amaechi  to face the  reality staring him in the face. Propaganda  is no longer valuable in this matter. Let him listen  to Governor Wike and brief his  lawyers to prepare his defence. As beneficiaries  of Amaechi’s  disservice  to Rivers people, nobody expects the government in power to prosecute  him. Nigerians  know the modus operandi  of the anti-corruption agencies. The security  services  help Amaechi  to steal  mandate at Novotel.

Simeon Nwakaudu,
Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.


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