Ogah And His Clownish Village Masquerade Called Demian


Don Norman Obinna

I read with utterly consternation a libelous article with cornucopia of wrong phrases and spellings sewed together (ostensibly to debase the amiable ABHA Majority Leader, Hon. Chinedum Orji), by one of the anythingarians recently subscribed to Uche Ogah’s alien school of thought (that harassment is key to achieving political success), Demian Ifeanyi Igbokwe, nom de plume “semi illiterate” LOL.

In his exhibition of fanfaronade, Igbokwe rubber-stamped the allusion that he is indeed a crackpot graduate and consequently unemployable with phrases like, “If I am semi illiterate,” “I actually went to school small” “through a pseudo account name Charles Onwuka,” E.T.C. in his self-defeating paroxysm of wailing, to my dismay and others of my ilk.
Customarily, I wouldn’t have wasted my time perusing through a mumbo-jumbo put together by a village masquerade groomed under Uche Ogah’s repulsive school of thought vide ut supra, but to affirm the generally held belief by the majority of Abians that Ogah is a political scoundrel wearing the garment of deceitful placidness with objective to inveigle himself into the affections of the suggestible Abians.
Sound minds will quite agree with me that it is the responsibility of a father to prescribe norms of behavior to his erring children and sometimes exposes them to group of collective deriders (when necessary) for discipline – that is, if the father is averse to their behaviour – therefore the constant failure of Ogah to publicly reprimand his boys gives respiration to this allusion (vide ut supra); a tag obviously pernicious to his fledgling political career.
In my honest assessment, I view it as escapism the attempt by Igbokwe or whatever his name is, to bring to public odium the reputation of highly cerebral scholars such as Prof. Ajah et al, to his wretched use of English language. This is rightly so because after perusing through his namby-pamby article replete with gobbledygook, one would be left with no choice than to question the teaching artistries of these renowned scholars.
Demian Igbokwe! Demian Igbokwe! Demian Igbokwe! Just like my mother would say LOL! How many times did I call you? Rather than bring odium upon yourself by engaging in superfluous media war with Hon. Chinedum Orji; a totem of Ibeku kinfolk, a living embodiment of moral values and most importantly the member representing my humble self and other intelligent constituents in ABHA, I will sincerely advise that you work seriously on your use of English language. Sound academic ability is a product of meticulous reading and not a providential stroke of serendipity. A word is enough for the wise.
Consequently, I will counsel Uche Ogah to recruit media men with impeccable writing skills whose focus will strictly be on managing his political image not these ones who are not even au fait with legal pitfalls. Writing is more difficult than managing a moribund filling station along Uturu-Okigwe Road as Demian Igbokwe is currently doing.


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