APC blows hot, calls Wike ‘Mr Disaster’


Rivers State
chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) says Governor Nyesom Wike will
eventually turn out to be the albatross of the opposition Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP) if the party fails to take urgent steps to checkmate him.

A statement
on Tuesday by the state chairman, Davies Ikanya Ibiamu, said Wike “has earned
the title of MR DISASTER by merit as he has turned the once peaceful Rivers
State into Rivers of blood, a state of forgery and a one day one wonder State”.
APC said Wike
has destroyed both the Rivers PDP and governance in Rivers State and “will
surely destroy the entire PDP in matter of months”.
“In case
anybody doubts this prediction, the person need to go back to our warning in
2014 when we counselled Ex-President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to leave Amaechi
alone if he still wants to survive the 2015 general elections but he turned
dead ears to our warning and the result is the exposure of the level of
corruption under his watch
“Though PDP
is happy to use Chief Wike as the party’s cash cow in detriment to the welfare
of Rivers people, Wike will eventually become the force that will finally
destroy the troubled party once his Vice Presidential ambition is scuttled
which he wants to use to protect his looted funds both as the erstwhile
Minister of Education and Governor of Rivers State.
APC blows
hot, calls Wike ‘Mr Disaster’
mobilisation of his violent GDI group to stone and embarrass the Northern
Governors that came to Rivers State to sympathise with the then Governor of Rivers
State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in 2014, will continue to haunt him and
PDP even though he spends more time in the North these days scheming to be
relevant in the sharing of positions within PDP.
PDP leaders should realise that the leopard does not change its spots. If Wike
could use forged documents to try to decimate Amaechi, who made him
politically, he is also capable of destroying PDP once his inordinate ambition
to control the party machinery fails to materialise.”
statement advised PDP to take advantage of the Supreme Court judgment on its
protracted leadership dispute to get it acts together so as to offer
constructive opposition to the ruling party.
importantly, PDP leaders should end their celebration and be in sober
reflection of the shame and punishment their party’s corrupt administration has
brought to Nigeria and Nigerians in its 16 long years of dominating the
Nigerian political space”.
however, advised the opposition party to perish the thought of returning to
power in 2019, declaring that Nigerians will not make the mistake of bringing
them back to power to resume their looting spree.


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