Fear Of Ochendo: When Sen. Orji Arises, Cynics Scatter By Don Norman Obinna


As expected, there is mussitation (murmuring), in the opposition’s camps. Those in the know especially disinterested Abia political observers recognized the reason they (Oppositions) adopted this incongruous means of communication (common in frustrated persons and mentally challenged patients).

It’s very straightforward; their acquiescence that Senator Theodore Orji’s two years representation has been phenomenal would fructify his second tenure bid (which startlingly he is reticent about) and circumscribes further their already frail chances of mounting strong challenge in 2019 general election. The question is, why the apprehension?
The answer isn’t improbable; there is gargantuan nimbus of fame and allure that encompassed Sen. Orji, popularly referred to as OCHENDO (shelter) by admirers.  No wonder their brickbats have often ricocheted because the giant stride of Sen. Orji at the Senate cannot be gainsaid. No wonder they have metamorphosed to iconoclastic ideologists pushing far with self-defeating clod-hopping power play.
Despite these arduous campaigns of calumny against him, Sen. Orji has been serenaded rather than reviled because the majority of Abians have deciphered that he is not a misanthropist they (detractors) projected him to be.  This development has therefore presented him liberty to enjoying more schadenfreude at the expense of these distraught cynics.
Their disingenuousness will not erode Sen. Orji’s mind-blowing stride at the Senate in the past 24 months which includes: the sponsoring of life-changing 12 bills, four motions, 480 scholarships, mouth-watering empowerment, life-saving projects and infrastructures which was not my reason for this article.
Senator T.A Orji has complemented class with consistency; the reason he is the only IROKO standing in Abia central senatorial district and the state in general. Forget the fanfaronade about unseating Sen. Orji in 2019 if he presented himself for reelection because there can only be conflagration by the rubbing up of two combustible personalities. Despite possessing some attributes of a horse, a donkey isn’t a horse, neither a butterfly a bird because it has wings. When Sen. Orji arises, cynics will take flight.

Obinna Don Norman is a Media Adviser to Senator Theodore Orji


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