I Don’t Need to be Governor to Develop Abia State, Says Ogah


The governorship Aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who lost at the Supreme Court against Dr. Ikpeazu Ikpeazu , and who recently join the All Progressive Congress (APC) Dr. Sam Uche Ugah said on an interactive sessionn with the Abia State Media Online Practitioners that Abians need a sense of belonging and  that he don’t need to be a governor to help the people of Abia State.

Dr Uche Ogah  said, he has a scholarship and empowerment programme across the state. He also said he don’t want to the youths of Abia State to lose hope, that he has enough to offer and stressing that he didn’t join politics because he want to be governor or govern the state.

OGAH also clarified that he has not made up his mind concerning 2019, that he is still praying. And there are so many things that need to be done.

Dr. Uche Ugah also said that in Abia PDP, the people who are made up of the party is a structure like a cult, they care for the members and not the masses.
” There is no vision, template, nothing in place, there is no drive, no passion, the Igbo people say that “Any thought by a man that thinking to kill himself, it was not taking in one day” it was not a day decision, so for a man to govern, First he need to seat down, think about it, there was no programme, the issue is that the governance in Abia is that, if someone from Abia North come, let him come and eat and go, same to Abia Centre and the masses will continue to suffer.

He also said that Governance is all about service to the people you leave a name, legacy, “I always tell people to drive a part from the eastern region, the achievement done by the eastern, the eastern region has be able to replicate the vision of one man. Governance is all about vision”

Also he said people should not talk about salary because the money is coming if you love the people of Abia you must pay salary, you are sure of revenue, local, federal that are part, which is just recurrent, talk about the capital, that you want to renovate and it was approve, it’s that nobody in Abia to talk that is money is approve for this.

He revealed that the government has not helped him, and that he has the best primary schools.

“I dont see PDP in 2019, when I joined PDP in 2013, PDP was almost death, and nobody want to hear about PDP in Abia State. Even the kangaroo primaries they did, I went to local government to campaign to the people to vote PDP because I have case with Ikpeazu.

Abia People need a national focus, they need to be brought to the center, because there is enough to benefits, so we can reposition Abia State, the people of Abia are good people so they need to be care for They are not interested of the party but the person so APC will nominate candidate that the people want.

We will take APC to the nooks and crannies of the state by October 1st we will declare, it’s going to be total surname in Abia State, and we will tell people why PDP don’t need to be in Abia any more, PDP don’t have the future of the Abians.

They don’t have the! people in Their mind, we have strategies set for 2019.


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