Paul Emeka Asked me To Be Abusing Rev Osueke on Facebook -Nathan Udeze


A Former National Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Nathan Udeze has revealed that Rev Paul Emeka,former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria asked him to be abusing Papa Charles Osueke Retired General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Nathan Udeze in a latest Publication he posted on his FACEBOOK Page Titled”My Relationship with TST” also revealed that his decision to stop further abuse on the person of Rev Dr Charles Osueke among others instigated the current insults being meted on him by Paul Emeka’s ally Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike

“All the while, Udeze was on Facebook saving the face of Rev Prof. Paul Emeka inspite of obvious issues of abuse of office and blatant violations of our constitution while he has delegated his boy Jumbo to go on Facebook to be abusing me because I said I would no longer continue to abuse elders of the church especially our Daddy, Rev Dr. Charles Osueke as he instructed me to be doing on Facebook”

Udeze also said he regreted the abuse against the persons of the Executive Commitee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

” I regret the abuses and insult’ he Said

Udeze disrespectfully addressed the Retired General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Papa Charles Osueke as “Charley boy” and at one time Published that he was on Life Support.

Rev Nathan Udeze the Former National Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria who was the arrow head the instigated Youths against the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in recent time,appears to be regretting his roles during the crises peroid in Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

It will also be recalled that Nathan Udeze yesterday recognized Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor as the one and only General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria while sending a Happy Birthday Message to the GS of AGN who celebrated his Birthday Yesterday September 25th 2017


  1. Go hide your head in shame! You are all a disappoint. Are you a fool that another will ask you to be insulting the other. What game are you up with this time around? It’s only the gillible folks around you that would listen to you. Go repent, you are not born again, period.

  2. What shall it profit you if you gain the world and your place of leadership and loose your soul in hell rev. The man on the cross made it, you can also make it, repent rev. sir

  3. No one in this life had made to eternity, in as much as we are still living in the land of the living, anything can still happen and no matter how heavily anointed you are, devil is still laying ambush for you. So my dear REV. Udeze 2 chronicles 7:14 settles it all. First go to Daddy Osueke and ask him for forgiveness, go to the leaders of Assemblies God church Nigeria and apologize and also to God. There’s still an opportunity for you to be greater than you are before.


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