BREAKING : Udeze Finally Visits Papa Osueke,Apologises


“I have Forgiven You,Says Papa Osueke”

A former National Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev DrPaul-Nathan Udeze has finally Visited the Grand Father of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Charles Osueke to ask him for Forgiveness.

Udeze Visited Papa Osueke Yesterday Night 4th October 2017 at his Enugu Residence.

Regretting all manner of Publications made against Papa Osueke, Udeze knelt down in tears,pleading with the Retired General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria to have mercy on him and Forgive him.

PUO reports that Udeze once again restated his earlier Revelation that Rev Paul Emeka manipulated their mind into believing that Papa Osueke hated him(Emeka)and plotting to frustrate his Leadership when he was the GS.

He Said just like a Spell,he later found out that all those stories were Lies,Deceits aimed tarnishing the reputation of Papa Osueke.

Responding to Udeze’s Plea for Forgiveness and Mercy,Retired General Superintendent Rev Dr Charles Osueke,took Udeze down memory lane of the Relationship that existed between him and his Family, stressing that he was Surprised to see Udeze begin attack on his Person.

Dadddy Osueke said he stood in defence of Paul Emeka even when Majority of the EC then passed a Vote of no Confidence on him,but was shocked that Paul Emeka could direct boys to maliciously abuse him on Facebook.

Papa Osueke told Udeze”I have Forgiven “

Papa Osueke later prayed for Udeze,asking God for mercy and Total Restoration upon his Life

Hear the Testimony of Rev Udeze

“Yesterday was my happiest day since the beginning of this crisis. The love and willingness of Papa osueke to forgive me sent ripples all over my body. I thank the GS, Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor and the officers of Assemblies of God Nigeria for vouching for me ahead of my visit. Papa Osueke was full of grace yet very excited to welcome back his prodigal son. As a sign of his forgiveness, he gave me a bottle of wine. As I left to go, tears filled my eyes because Papa forgave me even before I could ask for it. It is a shame that I would write those terrible things against Papa Osueke because he was one man that singlehandedly assisted my family when my father died. At certain time, he paid school fees for my siblings. He did not deserve the atrocious things I wrote against him. But yesterday, I drank of the fountain of this great man’s heart of love because he would not even allow me to knee down and plead. As I knelt down, he insisted that I should stand. At each space he would say, “feel free, you’re forgiven, you’re my son and your father is my dear friend”. Do I really deserve this? May God continue to sustain and keep Rev Dr Charles Osueke for us, so we can learn more from him what it takes to be like Christ. If he could forgive me, I believe anyone who has done anything against the Church will be more easily forgiven”


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