Udeze Spits Fire: Makes Shocking Revelation about Paul Emeka

Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Paul Emeka

A Former Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Nathan Udeze has made more earthshocking Revelation about the Former General Superintendent Rev Paul Emeka.

Read it Verbatim From Udeze

“TST has not slept well since my departure which opened their eyes to realise that they are not fighting for the truth but for a very sick man, Paul Emeka; his primary objective is to destroy the lives of young ministers through manipulating them to hate one another.

“All these are in effort to avoid the most needful question facing him today, “why was it that 12 out of 16 members of the Executive Committee voted that the ambassadors should be invited and one man, Paul Emeka said it will not happen? Why was it that one man, Paul Emeka against the Will of our constitution cancelled the General Committee twice in one year when he should have been the person that called it to straighten things in order to forestall the crisis, if actually he was truthful? Paul Emeka called for this Gen. Committee when there was no crisis in AG, 2011-12 but when crisis came up in 2013 he refused to call it but rather cancelled it twice the same year.Calling me and my brother names would not answer these questions”.

“Paul Emeka is a master manipulator, a liar of the highest order, a murderer, I know him too well, he tells Jumbo to write those things to see if people would forget that what Udeze wrote was the real cause of AG crisis. He wants to divert attention to my good friend jumbo. No way! I will give attention to jumbo as soon as he graduates for his first degree no matter where he gets it and grow within the ranks to become a national director in untied AG then, I will start thinking about him. For now, he is my unfortunate friend under a strong satanic manipulation from a frustrated, soon to disappear Paul Emeka. My prayer for him is that he should go and save his marriage which is not fruitful and that God would help him to stop battering his wife”.

“I pray that he would leave Davina Emeka, the daughter of Paul Emeka alone whom it is suspected was responsible for the pregnancy which she aborted some days before her last birthday. I pray that God will help him to at least successfully Pastor a Church because right now he has been kicked out of his Church”.

“Questions are going on right now in TST, some are calling me and some are calling Paul Emeka for the answers to these burning questions but they are not getting anything from him. The only thing they hear from him is ” Udeze loves money and he is looking for a bigger market”. Good! Now, you have admitted that you don’t have a market. What about the 1.2m AG members that you told Bishop Mark Okonkwo and Erumaka that they are with you when you can’t afford a market for a few Bibles? But what Paul Emeka has forgotten to tell his audience was that I was paying the tithes of the supposed sold bibles into his account inspite of the facts that I have kept my distance from him since 2015 when it became so clear to me that I was dealing with a man without any fear of God”.

“He forgotten to tell them that he has not paid for my house rent of #800,000 a year for the past two years while he pays for his brother a Emeka Eze the sum of #1,800,000 a year. I under took to pay my house rent and maintain my car as my contributions to their fight, thinking it would pacify his desperation to force me into abusing the Church leaders. Paul Emeka has never told anyone that I have personally contributed over #1m cash to the account of his GC. He will not admit this but I believe that Esochaghi his accountant may not be quick to join him in those lies but if he does, I live that to his conscience. Let Paul Emeka and Esochaghi show the world their union bank statements for their GC account and let us know between myself and Paul Emeka who loves money”.

“You can imagine a leadership, who paid for his then AGS, Rev Dr. Chidi Okoroafor, (now the Gen. Supt,) house rent, the sum of #1.2m a year likewise the GT, Rev Alaje but paid for his brother, Emeka Eze, #1.8m. Who then was the officers of the General Council during that unfortunate tenure? Him and Emeka Eze of course! We are not even talking of the GSec who was living in a house of #650,000 a year”.

“This should be the questions Paul Emeka should busy himself answering and not hovering around my precious brother who has been very adamantly loyal to him but Paul Emeka, the great manipulator does not believe in loyalty because he has never been loyal to any man. Under his direction and supervision, he raised boys who falsely accused Rev Dr G.G Uche of Abuja District and he paid them millions of naria to campaign against him till they destroyed his administration and removed him from office”.

“God was watching and Paul Emeka succeeded. Rev Uche a real man of God endured all the shame yet continued to love all including Paul Emeka yet Paul Emeka was not satisfied, he sent Anyanwu after him and order Rev Anyanwu to remove him from his church to a smaller Church. Again, Paul Emeka succeeded and G.G Uche was thrown out yet he remained loyal to Assemblies of God Nigeria. Rev Uche’s offence was that people were eyeing him for the office of the GS and Paul Emeka as usual felt threatened”.

“Udeze loves money he said but Paul Emeka forgets to tell people also that he loves tittle, that was why after the forged professorial certificate which he bought from Aba, he in the midst of this crisis when he could not afford to pay his workers,went and paid an internet school without a physical campus in US but few office blocks, the sum of $6,000 to buy another professorship. Paul Emeka when you travelled to US, did you see the campus of the university you paid $6000 to their account? Please, can you upload the pictures of the campus of this University? Yet, you were there for days and they took you everywhere but not to their campus”.

“How come you had your inaugural professorial lecture in a chapel instead of inside a university campus? Then, he returned and he claimed that he paid that huge amount of money about #3.5m then in order to affiliate Crown Theological seminary with that school. My God! All the while, you were GS of AG for 31/2 years and you never remembered to affiliate any schools of AG but as soon as you needed a tittle, you remembered affiliation. TST, I pity all of you! If you see what my eyes have seen in Paul Emeka, you will run for your lives. I will still talk about his midnight journeys in order to be a GS but before then let’s pray for him. He is far from anything God and Christianity”.

Rev Udeze made the above Shocking Revelations on FACEBOOK.


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