Udeze Warns Paul Emeka,Steer Clear From My Family Or……


A Former National Youth Director of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Nathan Udeze has threatened to make Public more Shocking Revelation About the atrocities of Rev Paul Emeka,a Former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

Udeze’s warning is coming as a result of Continues Insult meted on his Family by One Chinedu Jumboz Azubuike who is working under strict instructions of Rev Paul Emeka.

Chinedu Jumbo has in the last few days insulted and denigrated the Personality of Rev Nathan Udeze,his Borther Johnpriaser Udeze and that of his Family.

But in a swift reaction yesterday,after making several shocking revelation about Rev Paul Emeka and Chinedu Jumbo,Rev Udeze threatened to release the negative secrets of Paul Emeka’s wife Mrs Sharon Emeka.

“Sure, this is not right, I agree and I never intended to go this way but Paul Emeka preferred to involve our families in our differences. As long as he attacks my family through Jumbo, I will unearthen all the skeleton in his cardboard”.

“My last warning to Paul Emeka is, as you go to your Peniel freely preach against me and even use me for your negative illustrations but don’t go near my brother again. If you do either directly or through Jumbo, then none of your family members would be spared including your wife”.

“I have all their negative information and about you which I guess you assume I don’t know. I will shock you if your abuse gets to my younger brother again”.he said


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