Character of a clannish destroyer; The many misdeed of Don Ubani


By Chris Nwogwugwu
As the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is ridding itself of repulsive, dishonorable and vile baggages. Politicians like Sir Don Ubani with no electoral value should be offloaded.
Don Ubani who is notorious for creating political tension should not be seen near any politician that desires to progress.
While he is perfecting his plans to further blackmail Abia State Governor Victor Ikpeazu , he should be reminded that the Governor’s seat is divine added with the level of infrastructural projects ongoing in Abia.

Politicians like Ubani cannot be allowed to blackmail the Governor into using money meant for devt. of the State to build their individual stomachs. Okezie will not allow such Criminal minded politicians again.

His despicable utterances suggest that Don is out to cause trouble for the Governor of Abia State, Victor Ikpeazu PhD. than focusing on the job for which he was elected to do.
The boisterous ASA man who prides himself as a media warlord had since converted the office of the publicity Secretary of Abia State Chapter of PDP to a personal attacking platform.

What could a PDP State Publicity Secretary be doing with issues concerning the office of the Governor of a State? The answer is not farfetched.The short-sized man believes that the Governor is a personal property of we the UkwaNgwa and should therefore be subjected to checks against the people he (Ubani) once tagged enemies of the Governor.

I was hoping to read his reply against Dr. Orji Uzo Kalu, Rev.Ehimere of APGA and some other oppositions who took turn recently to lash at the PDP government in Abia.
The recent postponement of the APC mother of all rallies in Abia could not catch the attention of the self acclaimed media strategist.

It does not sound surprise to many PDP faithfuls that the party in the State is being lampooned by every dick and Harry, only because they know the capacity of the clannish man who, instead of engaging oppositions on series of development agenda of the party as well as repositioning the party for election victory in 2019, is discussing the Governor and his aides on social media. Such a shame.

Ubani has easily forgotten that the general public knows very well the character of the loquacious Okwubunka of ASA. He failed in his duty as a commissioner for information in Abia State and also failed woefully as a petroleum commissioner. All things being equal, the braggart has no business in governance anywhere in this modern generation . He is achaic and so timid for the function he is finding too difficult to perform

The same Ubani who is strongly accusing anybody that does not allow him to vent his clannishness on innocent Abians, cannot point out any project he volunteered for ASA people. He is a well known noise maker who severally pocketed and in some instances diverted funds meant for development of his place for personal use.

Ubani cannot point one person he has helped to achieve any goal since he started frolicking with people in Government?

Publicity Secretary Office of a political party should not be an appendage of a failed politician who other than settling issues is busy creating more.

Apart from celebrating birthdays of party members, publishing condolence messages on behalf of the party, which other area has Ubani shown working as regards his job as a PDP spokesperson in the State?


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