Ben Kalu Former PRO Assemblies Of God Nigeria embraces “Generous Olive Branch”



Rev Barr Ben Kalu,a Former District Secretary of Okigwe District,Former Public Relations Officer Assemblies Of God Nigeria has embraced the “Generous Olive Branch” offered by the Executive Committee of Assemblies of God Nigeria

Ben Kalu is a Former Close ally of Rev Paul Emeka,Former General Superintendent of Assemblies of God Nigeria.

In his Rebellious Days against the Leadership of Assemblies of God Nigeria, Rev Ben Kalu ran several pages on Facebook where he dishes out Information aimed at Misinforming the Members of Assemblies of God Nigeria.

It will also be noted that in his bid to Please his Former Master Rev Paul Emeka,Barr Ben Kalu attempted but failed to misinterpret the February 24th 2017 Judgment of the Supreme Court.

But a Now repented Rev Ben Kalu has regretted his role during the crises in Assemblies Of God Nigeria blaming Rev Paul Emeka for misleading them into fighting the Church.

Today December 12th 2017 Rev Ben Kalu was at the National Secretariat of Assemblies Of God Nigeria in Enugu where he Apologized to the Officers of the General Council of Assemblies of God Nigeria and the Members over his ignoble role during the Crises, praying the Church Leaders to Forgive and have Mercy on Him.


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