Lying won’t help Emeka Diwe and co By Paul Kalu


It is interesting that Chief Emeka Diwe of Unik D Ltd has resorted to hiring hack writers, based in Enugu, to churn out tissues of lies aimed at obsfucating the issues of indiscipline perpetrated by him and his agents at Aba.

Mr Diwe, you cannot intimidate officers of Abia State Government with lies and proxy response filled with self indicting conjectures. Your season of impunity and indiscipline are over in Aba and Abia State.

If indeed Mr Diwe is a community leader anywhere in the world that community must be a community populated by anarchists and undisciplined hoodlums.

Emeka Diwe in his proxy response appears to live and luxuriate in the life of a classical undisciplined pathetic liar, given his rigmarroles and that of his hireling whom he apparently also lied to.

I can bet that even the proxy writer never knew that Diwe was among those who received valid notification from TIMAAS to remove their trucks from Eziukwu road by Milverton and move to appropriate parks. For more than a month he refused to comply and much later claimed that he had “obstruction permit”. How on earth will a sensible man obtain permit to “obstruct” a public road and flaunt such nonsense as valid reason to disobey valid orders to relocate to a park?

After all written by Diwe’s poorly informed hack writer, Collins Opurozor, can he volunteer to take journalists to Unik D’s fenced garage where he parks trucks at Eziukwu road by Milverton Aba?

In which other state will a man who uses his trucks to block more than half of a state road have the audacity to use SARS policemen to harass government officials performing their legitimate duties? Does it happen at Enugu where paid writer Collins Opurozor claimed to reside?

It is pathetic that the character called Emeka Diwe has changed his statements several times on record.

In his initial petition to the police area command at Aba he claimed that his vehicles were stolen by Osama and maintained that statement until Osama was invited and he showed up with fully acknowledged interdiction papers signed by Diwe’s staff who later confirmed they showed him the documents. The then police area commander at Aba, Mr Wabara, was thoroughly embarrassed by the lies of Diwe and asked him on record if he knows he was giving the police false information.

Which community leader sends thugs to fight government officials for removing his broken down vehicle from Aba-Owerri road? Interestingly Mr Diwe and his hirelings never mentioned the video evidence of his malfeasance posted at social media.

How will the paid writer explain the circulating video showing a broken down Unik D truck that halted traffic along Aba-Owerri road on the 19th of March 2017? Was it Osama (Bright Ikeokwu) that caused Mr Diwe’s truck to break down and block that road for more than 24 hours? Did Osama also ask him not to tow the vehicle away to his park, if he has any?

This same Diwe now claiming that he was asked to pay N300,000 per vehicle made a statement to Vanguard Newspaper of October 4th 2017 as follows.

He said: “On January 18, 2017, Bright Ikokwu stormed my company premises at No.6 Eziukwu Road with over 15 policemen and soldiers and impounded three trucks while goods were being offloaded. There were other trucks parked in the area, but those belonging to UNIK D Limited were singled out and impounded. This is over eight months now; Mr. Bright Ikokwu has been calling me demanding N130, 000 to release each of the vehicles. Each of these trucks goes for N150, 000 per day; you can see the loss the company is suffering.”

Compare that statement to his latest claim, through his media handbag Opuozor, that Osama “had demanded the sum of N300,000 for each to be released” and you will get a picture of the despicable character who is committed to lie and deceive in his bid to destroy Aba.

By the way, note that the same man who earlier claimed that Osama stole his trucks stated in that vanguard interview that 15 policemen came with Osama. Which one should sane minds believe outside the obvious fact that Diwe is a cornered pathological liar?

In view of certain unexplained crimes committed at Aba against people associated with Mr Emeka Diwe it is my hope that the IGP and DSS investigates Diwe’s link to operatives of SARS. Why and how did he procure the SARS men that came to bundle Osama at night to Abuja even after the AIG at Umuahia had reviewed and dismissed his malicious petition?

It will certainly help to find out how Aba residents are kidnapped at night and taken through multiple checkpoints without being stopped by security agents. Who are those actually behind the kidnap saga and who leads them to victims?

That Mr Diwe, through his pay per article writer, is now talking about TIMAAS going to court is comical. If indeed he believed in the courts why did he hire SARS officials to raid the home of a government official at night when the Suit Number A/27 of 2017 he instituted at the high court is still pending? Did he even tell his hack writer that he actually instituted a case in court and yet decided to hire SARS to whisk away Osama over the subject matter of the case at the high court?

The fact that the shamelessly ignorant character called Collins Opurozor did not know that TIMAAS sued Diwe at a Magistrate Court betrays the fact that he is one of those tools used and dumped by criminals in search of media hiding place. Just to help Opurozor, I suggest that he reads the attached particulars of Diwe’s suit at the high court where he also sued the Magistrate that handled the matter.

Hack writer, Opurozor, please ask your pay master about Suit NO. MAS /570/2017 instituted against him by TIMAAS. Ask him why he failed to defend that case but resorted to funding SARS officials to abduct a citizen of Abia state who was doing his legitimate duties.

The same Emeka Diwe initially claimed that his neighbor, CHIEF IFEANYI CHUKWU ADINNU, paid TIMAAS to tow his trucks and later lied that TIMAAS arrested his truck drivers, Mr. Nnamdi and Evans, and detained them for seven days, When the police at Aba asked him where they were detained he recanted.

Obviously Diwe knows that no court will grant his spurious claims and hence resorted to self help as people like him like to do. Expectedly the court will in due course review evidence of his supervising his thugs to attack TIMAAS staff in broad daylight.

SARS and the IGP are well advised to hands off this matter that is already in court.

It is sadly laughable that the hired writer expects Diwe to pay N2,000 fine for each towed truck. How much does it cost to tow a trailer? Is it Abia tax payers that should bear the burden of Diwe’s indiscretions and patent indiscipline?

The rants of Diwe’s hack writer against the Honorable Commissioner for Information of Abia State, who rightly made the general public aware of the fact that indiscipline is fighting back at Aba, does not need a response from me as the Honorable commissioner can speak for himself any time any day.

Yet it must be noted that if, according to Collins Opurozor, “(Aba) city has become a gangsters’ jungle and shark-infested waters” it is simply because the likes of Emeka Diwe have consistently raped the city and refused to subject themselves to the laws of the land. They wrongly believe they cannot be called to order by anyone and have constituted themselves into a gang of untouchable questionable characters.

Enough should be enough!

It is because of men like Diwe that the Traffic and indiscipline Management Agency of Abia State (TIMAAS) was set up to restore order in Aba city. There is no going back until Diwe and co learn to abide by the laws of the land so that other citizens and residents of the state can move freely and be secured at Aba.

Remarkably, no one has come forward to state under oath that he did not infringe traffic laws of the state and was interdicted by TIMAAS. Diwe has not claimed that his vehicles were properly parked in a truck park and TIMAAS came there to molest him or tow his vehicles.

At best Diwe is claiming the right to park anywhere he chooses and block any road at Aba to fix his dilapidated trucks without anyone asking him questions.

That should be unacceptable to all lovers of discipline and orderly behavior. Aba does not need investors in anarchy.

-Paul Kalu


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