Group Lambast Orji Uzor Kalu Over Comments During Abia APC Rally


Orji Uzor Kalu should be reminded that the days of Okija Politics is over in Abia state…….

The 9th of January 2018 was a day I had patiently waited to come, not because of the significance of the date as it coincided with the birthdate of my mother, but because it was a day the All Progressive Congress  (APC) finally chose to host their so called Mega Rally in Abia state, one of the things I had waited to see  happen was for Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu to come open in Umuahia township stadium and apologize to Abians for how he  raped Abia to coma, how his family introduced the politics of idolatry in Abia, how he will manage his penchant for lies and idle talk, how he will change from his legendary political criminality and become a better and useful Abian,  how he and his mother will come open to apologize for subjecting every Abia politician through fetish domestic duties before you can be given a chance to hold or contest for any political office in Abia state, how he will turn his political front from Okija shrine to God.

But calling OUK the leader of the party and giving him the microphone to continue ranting and insulting the sensibility of Abians who are expecting an apology from him and his mother without making any useful point all through the period he spoke showed Abians that APC is not yet ready to warm themselves into the minds of Abians, all that OUK and his mother are interested in is how to get their hands back on the states treasury, and one of the ways they intend to achieve that is by aligning with a party that they feel that has the might to muscle Abians into submission and take back the government against the will of the people .

For OUK, a man with a huge moral baggage to come out in the stadium to begin to shout and rant about governor Ikpeazu being in bondage shows that he is completely out of touch with political realities in Abia, may be he is still of the opinion that the political dynamism of Abia is still about the Okija shrine type of politics of which he and his mother championed for years while they held our collective treasury hostage and used the money meant for the development of Abia to build their business empire and maintain their fetish life style.

In as much as I may not want to glorify a man who has been roundly rejected by his people any time he throws himself up for elections, it is also important that OUK should be told that senator T.A Orji is an institution and has conducted himself in a very responsible manner befitting of a man who wants the progress of his people, OUK should also be told that Senator Orji does not interfere with the running of Governor IKpeazu’s government as against what he did when he handed over power to him.

Senator T.A. Orji has displayed his love for the development of the state and had allowed Governor Ikpeazu the choice of making his own appointments devoid of any interferences from himself or family as against the dark days of Orji Uzor Kalu and his mother who will make a complete list of the appointees including domestic staff, take them to Okija shrine and there after compel the then Governor T.A. Orji to accept and work with them.

Orji Uzor Kalu and his mother are bitter that Abia is moving forward and that the funds meant for the development of the state are no longer being given to them, they have vowed to stop at nothing including the use of JUJU to deceive the gullible minds into trying to bring them back to political reckoning.

Senator Orji has returned Abia back to God and had set the state on the path of progress  and also ensured that equity is upheld inline with the wishes of the founding fathers of Abia state so you and your mother should live with it and allow the state to develop, Abians had rejected you and will keep rejecting you and whatever you represent come 2019.

Eze Onyekwere
Secretary Abia equity movement


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