Time To Stop Rev Paul Emeka’s Rascality’s Against The Church

Paul Emeka

Time To Stop Rev Paul Emeka’s Rascality’s Against The Church

There is no gainsaying the fact that Rev Paul Emeka,a former General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria has vowed to continue the fight against Assemblies Of God Nigeria until he clocks 70Years which is the compulsory retirement age from active Ministry embedded in the Constitution and bye-laws of the Church.

This battle Rev Paul Emeka kickstarted in March 2014 shortly after he was Suspended and subsequently dis-fellowshipped as a Member of Assemblies Of God Nigeria for abusing the office of the General Superintendent, disregard to the founding tenants of the Church and subsequently instituting a Legal suit against the Registered Trustees of the Church which ran contrary to article Twelve of the Constitution and bye-Laws of Assemblies Of God Nigeria.

However on the process of the legal fireworks,it was discovered that Rev Paul Emeka who claimed to be a Professor of Theology forged the purported Professorial Certificate in 2005 with the assistance of one Prof Okoro who lives in Aba Abia State.

“Paul Emeka does not appear in the University’s Conferment Committee archives and we do not hold a record of Paul Emeka receiving a Title of Professor” Mr James Eaglesfield,the Head of Government and IT Potfolio said in response of an enquiry made to the University of Derby England which Paul Emeka claimed issued him with the said Certificate.

The National Universities Commission(NUC) In a letter to the Inspector General of Police dated 17th October 2014 clearly confirmed that the said Professorial Certificate by Rev Paul Emeka is a Forged one.

The Commission further revealed that the Address 445 Sherman Avenue Suite C Palo alto CA 94306 Which Paul Emeka claimed was the University of Derby Address in England is a United States of America’s Address.

The Nigerian Police Force has also carried out Investigations to this issue and found out that indeed Rev Paul Emeka,a man who claimed to be born again and called by God Forged a University of Derby Certificate.

Rev Paul Emeka within this years has activated his weapons of war against the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria including sponsoring of Suspecting Cultists to attack the Families of the Church Leaders or anyone who attempts to stop his rascality and battle against the Church.

Paul Emeka never believed that within three Years,the matter could be decided by the Supreme Court which was why after the February 24th 2017 Judgement of the Supreme Court in Appeal No SC.396/2015 which unanimously upheld the decision of the Church,Rev Paul Emeka has refused to abide by the rulings of the Supreme Court.

Paul Emeka was quoted to have told his close followers that now he is 62Years of Age,he will continue to fight till the next 8 Years when he will clock 70Years then he can wash his hands off the Case.

Before the final Judgement of the Supreme Court on the 24th of February 2017,Paul Emeka had commissioned Rev Yakubu Pam one of his disciples in the North to push for a Northern General Council of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,then in the South South some group of Youngmen were commissioned to announce the emergence of a South South General Council which has died a natural Death.

As it stands in Nigeria,Paul Emeka is no longer a Trustee of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,no longer a Leader of Assemblies Of God Nigeria and no more a Member of Assemblies Of God Nigeria following his removal as a Trustee of the Church with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

A lot of People has continued to say,some of these issues should not be brought to the Public Domain,but all these issues were made Public and subject of Media Interpretations since 2014 by Rev Paul Emeka all for his Selfish gains.

The recent Article written by Rev Paul Emeka and Published by one of his Close ally about Different factions of Assemblies Of God in Brazil is an evidence to prove the kind of evil in the mind of Rev Paul Emeka and what he aim to achieve in the fight against the Church.

The Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria has followed Paul Emeka with a Christian and brotherly Heart while still praying for him to stop these fight against the Kingdom of God,but it is now clear that Rev Paul Emeka is in a covenant which sole aim is to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ. (He Will Not Succeed)

It is time for the Nigerian Security agencies to rise up to its Responsibilities and activate the Laws of the Land against Rev Paul Emeka who is going contrary to the Decision of the Supreme Court on this Matter.

Promise Uzoma Okoro,a Member of Assemblies of God Nigeria wrote from Enugu Nigeria


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