Rev Emma Sylva Elected New Aba NORTH District Superintendent


Rev Emmanuel Chidozie Sylva has been Elected as the New Aba NORTH District Superintendent at the just concluded 2018 Triennial Council Meeting of the District held at Evangel High School Ovom Aba.

Rev Emma Sylva polled a Total number of 143 Votes out of 208 Eligible Voters.

Rev P K Emeaba who is the current District Superintendent stepped Down after the 4th Elective Ballot,stressing that he has served Assemblies Of God and Aba NORTH District very well and now he has decided to step down from the Election.

There were a Total of 124 Ordained Minister’s , 26 Licensed, Exhorters 12,Delegates 45 bringing it to a Total of 208 Eligible Voters.

Before the election,The out going District Superintendent Rev P K Emeaba asked those who he may have been offended on the course of the Discharge of his Duty for forgivess which the GS said is the most important Comment in the Report.

Speaking from the book of Exodus 17: 8-16 the General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor said “when you are born again,you are born for war but when you anchor yourself in the Lord,the war shall not Consume You.

” No battle is as dangerous as when it is an Internal War”.

The General Superintendent urged the District to put their efforts together to fight a Common enemy which is the Devil.

The GS Praised the District for meeting up to date with every assignment and Obligations of the General Council.

“It is not gain saying the fact that when we have a General Council Programme Aba NORTH always attend in Mass” the GS Said.

He urged District Superintendent to also check on Churches in the remote Areas to know their Welfare.

“Don’t only dwell on City Churches,go to the Village Churches”

Other Officers Elected alongside Rev Sylva are Rev Eze Ogba as New ADS, Rev Chimezie Amandu as New District Secretary,Rev Ben Kalu as District Treasurer and Rev E Udensi,Rev Mathew Chikere and Rev Mishael Eke as Presbyters.

District Superintendents who witnessed the council Includes Abel Amadi the Owerri East District Superintendent and Executive Committee Member, Rev Henry Emelike the Umuahia Central Jerusalem District Superintendent, Rev Nwosu of Ngwa District,Rev James Ndukwe of Umuahia North,Rev Isreal Nchege of Umuahia Jerusalem District among others.

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