My husband says I could only work when I’m 70 —Divorce-seeking wife


A housewife seeking divorce has told the court that her husband, acting on the alleged order of a marabout, has prevented her from working.

She added that her husband was insistent that she could only work after she is 70 years old.

Narrating her ordeal in court, Kafayat Suara said her husband, Mutiu, persistently threatened her life.


“My lord, life has not been the same with me since Mutiu came into my life due to his oppressive tendencies.

“The most frustrating of his oppressive tendencies was when he forced me to stop working.

“On that day, Mutiu took me to a marabout who said God revealed to him that I should not engage in any form of trade or occupation until I attain the age of 70.

“Mutiu consequently took all my means of livelihood from me. As a result, the three big shops that I had before then became empty and I could no longer fend for myself, let alone take care of the children because Mutiu refused to be responsible for our upkeep.

“Again, my lord, he took me to the same marabout who told me to produce my photographs and I gave them to him. Till date, I cannot tell what the marabout did with my photographs.

“All I know is that things have continued to fall apart for me, and my mother has been responsible for my sustenance.

“In fact, Mutiu is fond of threatening to kill me if I ever venture into any trade with or without his knowledge. He specifically said he would kill me and thereafter commit suicide.

“I am tired; please, separate us,” Kafayat pleaded with the court.
Mutiu was, however, absent in court to defend himself against the allegations levelled against him, in spite of being served court summons on two occasions.


President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, Ademola Odunade, on Monday dissolved the five-year marriage between Kafayat and her husband, Mutiu, over “threat to life” and “oppression.”

Odunade said the court was duty bound to put an end to any union that might eventually result in violence.

He awarded the custody of the two children of the union to Kafayat and directed Mutiu to pay a monthly feeding allowance of N8,000 to her.

In addition, he ordered Mutiu to take up the responsibility of the children’s education and other welfare needs.






















































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