Rev J N G Okafor reelected Lagos District Superintendent


Rev J N G Okafor reelected Lagos District Superintendent

Rev Joseph N.G. OKAFOR has been reelected District Superintendent of Lagos District.
While Rev Dr. Francis C. Okeremgbo was Elected Assistant District Superintendent, Rev Uche G. Ukasoanya District Secretary of Lagos District with nomination ballot while Rev Ehis I. Edoror was elected the new District Treasurer on the Second Elective ballot. This was due to the new General Council Constitution that cut up with the incumbent treasurer Rev Andrew Ohioma who is just 8 years post ordained against the 10 years prescribed in the constitution for District officers.

However, Rev Andrew Ohioma was elected a Presbyter of Lagos District along Rev Amos Ajuwon who was reelected and Rev Zacheaus O. Owolabi who was newly elected .

The Chairman of the council meeting was the General Secretary of AG Nigeria, Rev Dr Godwin Amaowoh ablely assisted by Rev Friday Ogbuji, EC Member and Abuja East District Superintendent.


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