Assemblies Of God Cannot Go down in Our Time -Chidi Okoroafors Vows


General Superintendent of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor has vowed to protect the Labour’s of the Founding Fathers of Assemblies Of God Nigeria,even as he vowed that the Church will not go  down in his Time.

Declaring the 2018 Strategic Church Growth Summit Summit Open for South East Zones,Some North Zones and Some part ofSouth South Zone,the General Superintendent said the Church cannot bend its Standard to sooth an Individual.


“If you Condemn Assemblies Of God you have Condemned yourself,If there is nothing Good about this Church,there is nothing Good about yourself”

“The Irony is that this Church is being Butchered by men she has put food on their Table”

“If I Have this Church as what am proud of,it will affect everything I do

“That Church is Yet to be, That has no Ugly Side”

“Our Problems are fixable Problems”.He Said.


Assemblies Of God Nigeria having come of age(1934_2018) is no longer a Baby Church in Nigeria.

PUO REPORTS that The Strategic Church Growth Summit is meant to take a Critical and Constructive Appraisal of how far the Church has gone.

Expectations are Very high on Assemblies Of God Nigeria,the General Council Leadership led by his Eminence Rev Dr Chidi Okoroafor as General Superintendent has decided to bring the Church to a Comprehensive diagnostic Centre and further to the theatre if need be.

The Summit which is Zone into Six Diffenrent Zones of the Church is Starting with South East Zones and Some part of South South Zone 4 and meant for All Assemblies Of God Pastors in the Zones,Deacons and Local Church Departmental Leaders.

Rev Dr Abel Amadi the Owerri East District Superintendent and Executive Committee Member Representing South East Zone 2 at the General Council who was the First Speaker for this Series of Church Growth Summit said time to Plant more Churches has come

Rev Amadi is Speaking on”Sponsoring and Mentoring a New Branch of the Church”

According to Dr Amadi “It is part of what the Leadership of the Church Considered in talking about Strategic Church Growth. One very way to Show that the Church is alive is for the Church to plant New Church”

“When we Win Souls,there is the Need to Establish New Branches”. He Said



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