BREAKING NEWS: Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike Pulls Out from Paul Emeka


One of the Notorious Propaganda who Published malicious Contents Against the Leadership of Assemblies Of God Nigeria Rev Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike appears to have regained his Consciousness from the Evil Spell of Paul Emeka.

Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike who is a kitchen Cabinet Member of Paul Emeka exploded today on his Facebook page and Revealed how Paul Emeka Siphoned N60Million .

Below is his Post Verbatim.

MY SOBER REFLECTION By Chinedu Jumbo Azubuike

It is so painful to find out that all that we fought for is turning out to be a cacophony of absurdities ! Intrigues , craftiness and hidden agendas are dancing in the village square !

The travels , the meetings , the good times , the challenging moments , the risk we took , all seem to be melting away !

If there’s a culprit , I’m first on the list ! May be I didn’t fight hard enough like Maximos the Roman warrior ! May be my negotiations were rusty ! May be I gave up too early on misbehaving soldiers , unlike the Buffalo soldiers who fought and gave a covering to weak ones !

But one thing is sure; I’m not part of the fifth columnists ! Lawlessness is a no go area for me ! Unity is a strong hold !

“The day fraudulent practices crawled in was the beginning of d day the cookie started crumbling !
Fraud and hidden agenda grew and grew till they became a monster !

“But nostalgic moments remain magical in my mind ! The new friends I made, the attacks, ground breaking moments at CTS , times spent with d big boss, the Udeze & Don Odunze saga (that was where I saw ethnic and unnecessary sentiments) , the love and unity at Stakeholders gatherings, show down at the Supreme Court, our trip to IKORODU ”

“It took me time to discover that a speaker of truth has no permanent friend !
(Most especially if he tells his own d truth)
On Christ, the Truth i stand in WORDS & DEEDS”


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