No elections in Ohanaeze Youth Wing.. Passes Vote Confidence in Isiguzoro led Exco

The communiqué was issued after a national emergency /consultative meeting of the Ohanaeze
Youth Wing, held at Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo Secretariat, 7 Park Lane, Enugu over burning and
threatening issues and problems facing the organisation,
It is with thorough regards and allegiance to Igbo national interest and social harmony and youth
peaceable organization that the Ohanaeze Youths gathered today in Enugu, being Wednesday
14th March, 2018 and discussed organizational challenges and threatening national issues
especially bothering on politicians’ infringement of our ranks that we conferred for socio-
political solutions than hitting up the already nauseating tempo.
Moresso, with total regards to rule of sensible behaviours and recourse to our legacy resolve that
there must be democratic regime in Ohanaeze Youth Wing and National politics, hereby affirm,
as follows:
1. That it is with heavy heart and dismay that we call upon all Ohanaeze Youth Wing’s
members and the public to disregard any call and or move to aligned/aligning Ohanaeeze
Youths to a particular politician(s) by some disgruntled elements claiming to represent
the interests and leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Wing
2. We regret to announce that the said politicians have already been picking the bills of this
disgruntled “Ohanaeze youths”; while they try hard to circumvent the core principles of
the Ohanaeze Youth Wing and Igbo nation
3. After weighing the crisis of being and antisocial acts of the jobless youths that have been
elated to corner Ohanaeze Youth Wing as their enterprise, their evil and sinister motives
that have thrown Ohanaeze Youth Wing into a political crisis that now fetches us public
opprobrium with resolved and reassured the public that there would not be any national
elective convention of Ohanaeze Youth Wing without the input and knowledge of the
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro led National Executive Committee,
4. That with respects to crisis externally instigated into the corporate affairs of the Ohanaze
Youth Wing, we hereby put off national elective convention till peace and tranquility is
returned and that there would be elections only when the ongoing peace initiatives of the
current NEC.Ohanaeze Youth Wing paid-off
5. That there is urgent need to with immediate effects constitute Board of Trustees, of
Ohanaeze Youth Wing to help the NEC return sanity to the body and as well, from time-
to-time advise the EXCOs and general assembly,.
6. That in the interim, we mandate that a one year peace and social integration be initiated
by the NEC and to convene an elective national convention, of Ohanaeze Youth Wing
within this period, with priority to conducting elections that will give us one voice and
7. We also hereby sternly warn and admonish the self-imposed committee formed at the
Lagos home of a Yoruba powerful/big goon politician, with interest in 2019 presidential
elections and was, as gathered mobilized with N25 million presently parading selves as
Ohanaeze states presidents and Convention committee with the sole intent of making money for corrupt and selfish enrichment to desist from theirs’ contracted ill-
motives to destablise Igbo land and Nigerian polity. Since, we are discussing the fate of
about 165 million Nigerians and generations unborn, we in strong terms condemn any
attempted attempts to undermine the democratic journey and thereby, preventing the Igbo
youths led by Ohanaeze Youth Wing from joining others from making a presidential
choice – 2019: Buhari to be or not to be? – that would not be pro-Igbo’s interests, but
nationally, worthwhile.
8. That also the lowering of the educational qualification of the Ohanaeze Youth Wing,
presidential candidate from master’s degree to a first school certificate holder ;which
was a great departure from previous constitutional provisions is intended to foisting some
elements into Ohanaeze Youth Wing presidency and will not work.
9. Moreover,State presidents involved in the said politician’s contract to detablise
Igboland land and the 19 years democratic regime, though not all that good but worth
advancing are advised to face their immediate states’ constituencies than joining the
power ravenous characters to destablise the Igboland because the fire will consume
everybody –not when the injuries of the neo-Biafra agitations are yet to heal and we
know that with what happened to Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB last year (2017) at
the house of its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, we cannot afford to have our youths not
embracing dialogues and nonviolent social change they (IPOBians) are known for and
become willing victims of the pro-establishment forces.
10. That we warn the Ohanaeze Youths and the unsuspecting public to distance themselves
from any elective convention this March or thereafter ; without the input and knowledge
of the Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro led National Executive Committee of the Ohanaeze
Youth Wing
11. Moreover, in order to facilitate the works and ongoing peace initiatives of the Mazi
Okechukwu Isiguzoro led National Executive Committee, there was agreement to
nominate various Igbo states’ Congress Representatives, which were nominated,
immediately and they are namely:.
i.okwu Nnabuike
ii.Adibe Obinna
iii. Agubuike Francis
iv. Chinedu Anyantonwu
v.Chidi Otah
vi.Ndubuisi Ezema
vii.Ugochukwu ihezue
13. Finally, we appeal to some vested Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo leaders and Igbo politicians to help
us steered Igbo youths out of debased politics than live giving them backing to denigrate
the current and genuine efforts to reposition the youths for peaceable and social conducts
as, remarkably led by the present Ohanaeze Youth Wing. We treasured the path of peace
and social justice and shall always stand making quest for nonviolent youth fellowship
and social change.
Long live Ohanaeze Youth Wing
Long Live Igbo youths
Long live Igbo nation
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro
National President
 Comrade Achuonye Obinna
Nat Vice President
Mazi Okwu Nnabuike
Secretary General


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