Danjuma: We ‘re ready to defend Igbo land – Ohanaeze youths


. Say plans to Islamise Nigeria very obvious

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council, OYC, has declared that it is ready to defend all parts of Igbo land against herdsmen invasion or any type of external aggression.

It also said the alleged plot to Islamise Nigeria was becoming more obvious but vowed to resist such move in South East.

OYC which spoke on the heels of the recent call by former Defence Minister and Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (ret.) for Nigerians to defend themselves against marauding Fulani herdsmen, hailed the elder statesman for his courage to speak out.

Danjuma had on Saturday at the convocation of Taraba State University urged Nigerians to use whatever means at their disposal to defend themselves against killer herdsmen while accusing the military of colluding with herdsmen to decimate Nigerians.

OYC in a statement signed by its President, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, said Danjuma’s observation was an obvious truth that needed no interpretation but rather a wake up call to those who are still in doubt of the motive of the current federal government.

According to OYC those criticising the former Defence Minister over “his frank observation are only living in self denial, and will only realise the stack reality rather too late”.

OYC vowed to defend Igbo land ” no matter the price”, accusing the federal government of insincerity with the security of lives and property non- herdsmen.

“OYC had shortly after herdsmen attacked Ebonyi State communities, vowed to return fire for fire should such killings re-occur in any part of Igbo land”, the statement said.

The statement also accused the federal government of double standard in the handling of the Fulani herdsmen terrorism while it was quick to brand non-violent Igbo youths agitating for the restoration of Biafra as terrorists.

OYC called on Igbo youths “to form rings to guide and protect their communities and farmlands and deal decisively with anybody destroying their farmlands through cow grazing and or bearing arms but he is not a known licensed security person.”

OYC said any herdsman caught using his flock to cause havoc in any part of Igbo land will have himself to blame.

“We warn that nobody has a monopoly of violence and Igbo nation will surely defend itself. Enough is enough. Any Armed herdsmen sighted anywhere in the South-East will have himself to blame. Arise and defend Igbo land through well recognized vigilante groups”.

OYC said the speculation in some quarters that there was a grand design to Islamise Nigeria is becoming more obvious every day but vowed to resist such move.

The statement said Danjuma’s call had only vindicated OYC’s earlier call “for self-defence; so, today we are re-echoing that stand.”

“Danjuma has justified the position of Ohanaeze Youths worldwide, we will resist any attempt to forcefully Islamize our people; the herdsmen militia, we are ready to resist them.

“Like Danjuma clearly pointed out, there seems to be a serious collaboration between the security agencies and these herdsmen. It appears there are two laws in this country- one for the Igbos and another for the Hausa-Fulani.

“How else will one justify the recent statements in the media that the government was considering amnesty for the Boko Haram terrorists? It is shocking; it is unthinkable. This is the same government that hurriedly branded the IPOB as a terrorist organization, but same government is not courting internationally acclaimed terrorists.

“So, nobody should expect that Ndigbo would fold their arms and these killer herdsmen come here and achieve their evil agenda. We shall resist it with the last drop of our blood.

“We have enough men and youths that will resist them before they get into the Atlantic; we urge more Nigerians to speak up; we are proud of some governors in the South-East who have come up to defend the course of Ndigbo.

“We have no arms anywhere but Ndigbo are emergency specialists; we have our own way of fighting our battles without rockets and guns. We repeat, it shall be fire for fire.”


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