Ohanaeze Youths Knock Nwodo,Blames Atiku for Crises

The leaders and members of the Ohanaeze Youth Wing, OYW met today, being April 19, 2018 in Enugu and after a thorough review of the leadership crisis involving former president, Ohanaeze and the Ohanaeze Youths and Women wings including the emergence of the new Ohanaeze President to be sworn in come 21st April, in Owerri and arrive at the following decisions:
i. That with the emergence of the Prince Richard Ozobu Ohanaeze Ndigbo President that Nnia Nwodo has become a has been president of Ohanaeze and therefore, Ohanaeze Youth Wing hereby recognize the new Ohanaeze leadership and will join force with the Richard Ozobu Presidency to salvage Ohanaeze Ndigbo;
ii.   That there is no vacancy in Ohanaeze Youth Wing and we hereby reiterate our faith in Ohanaeze Youth Wing passing vote of confidence on Okechukwu Isiguzoro led Ohanaeze Youth Wing;
iii. That we, hereby reiterate our peaceable resolution that Ohanaeze Youth Wing having lost a year and to crisis that the Ohanaeze not only compensated Okechukwu Isiguzoro with the task to lead the Ohanaeze Youth Wing for a year time and help return peace to the Ohanaeze youth fold and conduct all-inclusive elective convention by next year.
iv. We reiterate that any election organized by Nnia Nwodo into Ohanaeze Youth and Women wings would be taken  as exercises in futility because there is no vacancy in our fold and he has been overtaken by events and should handover to new President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prince Ozobu.
v. Moreover, Ohanaeze Youth Wing have both the fundamental and constitutional rights to conduct elections into our Executive posts with Ohanaeze Ndigbo among the monitoring groups and not the other way now seeing Nnia Nwodo conducting both Youth and Women Wings elections. With the intent to create rival Ohanaeze Youths and Women that would be used to play faction Ohanaeze Youth and Women Wing for his mischivious politics serving his Nirtheast presidential candidate.
vi. Finally, we call upon Igbo Nation especially Youths and women to in view of the above submission by Ohanaeze Youth Wing ignore former Ohanaeze Ndigo President, Nnia Nwodo and his political charades.
There’s no Election of Youth wing of ohanaeze on 20th April2018.Atiku should stop funding the illegal activities of Ndigbo.
 SIGNED AND DATED: April 19, 2018


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